‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Says The Fall Finale Is The Episode He Is Most Proud Of This Season

Following the exciting alien invasion crossover, Arrow is set to ramp up the drama even more in the coming episode. What did star Stephen Amell have to say about the fall finale?

According to Comic Book, Amell engaged fans in a Q&A session on Facebook and dished some spoilers about the coming installment. Not only did Amell admit that he is “proud” of the episode, but he also revealed that Artemis (Madison McLaughlin) plays an important role in the action.

“I can tell you that Artemis plays a big, big role in our fall finale which airs this Wednesday. I know sometimes I say this, but it’s probably the episode I’m most proud of this year,” he revealed. “Does it have the history and the characters and all of the things that the 100th episode has? No, of course not. That would be impossible, but I’m so proud of that episode.”

Why is Amell so proud about next week’s episode? For starters, Marc Guggenheim revealed that the show would finally wrap up the show’s long-running flashback storyline. The story arc has been an integral part of the show since Season 1 and was originally supposed to conclude with the end of the series.

Madison McLaughlin as Evelyn Sharp/Artemis on ‘Arrow’ [Image by The CW]

“It was really just a hope at that point [in 2012] that the show would run five years, and we always thought that we would intercut the final moment of the series with the first moment of the series, that it would form one big Moebius strip,” Guggenheim explained.

With the series clearly going beyond five seasons, Guggenheim didn’t want to extend the flashbacks any longer. Instead, Guggenheim plans to wrap up the storyline in the fall finale and move to new things in the second half of the season.

“There’s still a part of me that wishes we could do that. But I wouldn’t want to artificially extend the flashbacks [beyond five seasons], and I also wouldn’t want to artificially cut the show short. It would’ve been a beautifully elegant thing, and Five Years Ago Me would’ve loved it. But things change, and I do think it’ll make the Season 5 finale pretty awesome.”

Following the alien invasion that led to a four-way crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, there’s no telling what Oliver Queen will encounter next. According to Inverse, Team Arrow still has Prometheus to worry about, not to mention Artemis’ betrayal.

Prometheus [Image by The CW]

Speaking of the alien invasion, Screener TV reports that there were a lot of scenes that actually didn’t make the final cut. This includes a different ending where Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter) becomes President and more scenes for Roy (Colton Haynes).

“Obviously there were moments with Colton and Colin in Arrow that were scripted that we obviously just couldn’t do because of Colin and Colton’s availabilities,” Guggenheim admitted. “For example, Roy was going to be Thea’s boyfriend — that hadn’t changed — and they met when he stole her purse, and that also hadn’t changed. I just thought that would have been fun and nice to see.”

Meanwhile, Arrow Verse reports that Arrow is returning to its roots in big ways, and fans are taking notice. The CW’s hit series has struggled to gain viewers the past few seasons but has been striking a chord with fans this season.

This includes introducing a new Team Arrow for Oliver Queen and focusing on the vigilante’s crime-fighting. Although the flashbacks are set to end in the coming episode, future seasons will include flashbacks, just not along the same storyline.

Fans can watch new episodes of Arrow Wednesday nights on The CW. Be sure to check out the preview below for the fall finale.

[Featured Image by The CW]

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