Chelsea Houska Shares Pregnancy Updates Including Due Date Hint And Growing Baby Bump

Chelsea Houska is one of the most private Teen Mom franchise stars out there. Initially, she did the show to help others, and as it became an invasion of privacy, she stepped back a bit. There was a lot of drama with Adam Lind at the beginning of Teen Mom 2, but Houska has since moved on. Last season, fans got to meet Cole DeBoer, and the two tied the knot back in October. There are a lot of changes coming up for the newlywed couple, and Houska is sharing a little bit about what to expect in the upcoming months.

This past summer, Chelsea Houska revealed she was expecting her second child. It will be the first child for her husband, Cole DeBoer, and the two were incredibly excited to become parents. Since then, Houska has been quiet about her pregnancy. Occasionally, she will share a bump photo but nothing else.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Chelsea Houska gave a baby update that revealed her upcoming due date. She shared information that her baby weighs roughly three pounds and that she has 10 weeks to go. This was a huge update and puts her due sometime near the end of February. While the exact date is unknown, this little bit of information helps with the baby watch excited fans will be partaking in.

There is plenty of jealousy surrounding Chelsea Houska and her happiness. When she announced her pregnancy, Teen Mom 2 fans were thrilled to hear the news. The same didn’t happen when co-star Jenelle Evans announced her pregnancy. In fact, fans were less than excited about it, and that is when she decided to shade Houska for the positivity she got. These girls have been up and down, but eventually coming together to act like adults. The Teen Mom 2 girls aren’t all close, but they act decently when they have to film together.

Unfortunately, Evans isn’t the only one who shaded Houska, Farrah Abraham opened her mouth about the new baby on the way and made some less-than-desirable comments during an interview.

Teen Mom 2 is coming back in January for another season with Chelsea Houska and the rest of the cast. Fans will get an inside look at what her life has been like over the last several months including finding out she is expecting and getting ready for the wedding. Houska decided to not let the wedding be filmed because she wanted privacy. Cole DeBoer isn’t too keen about the cameras but he has gotten used to them now. They decided to keep their moment private, but there will be some filming of the events leading up to the wedding. Houska also will be sharing her pregnancy during filming, which makes fans happy.

It was announced that Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer were expecting a little boy. She has admitted she is nervous about having a son because she has raised Aubree alone. Houska is familiar with parenting little girls but has no clue what to do with little boys. Names have not been talked about at all, although fans are speculating they may name him after Cole. It is likely that the name will be kept secret until the baby arrives, which is sometime in February, according to Houska’s hints.

In just a few weeks, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer will be back on the small screen. They will get to relive all of their important moments over the last few months, and see what the other girls have dealt with as well. Fans are looking forward to watching Chelsea this season, especially with all of the good things that have come her way.

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