NFL Picks Week 14: Experts Pick Kansas City Chiefs To Beat Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers To Beat Seattle Seahawks

NFL picks for Week 14 have some interesting predictions from the experts. The most interesting Week 14 pick is the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are currently tied for the best record in the AFC, but the ESPN experts are unanimously siding with the Chiefs to win this head-to-head matchup. A report by ESPN has all of the analysts siding with the home team in this Thursday night game (December 8) so far.

In the first game of the season between Oakland and Kansas City, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith led his team to a 26-10 victory in front of a very sparse Raiders crowd. Now the Chiefs have a chance to sweep the season series and control the head-to-head seeding for the 2017 NFL Playoffs. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the latest NFL playoff standings have the Raiders slightly ahead of the Chiefs for seeding purposes.

A bold prediction comes from the Week 14 NFL picks in the NFC as well. The ESPN experts predict that the Green Bay Packers will beat the Seattle Seahawks. The notion here is that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has his team firing on all cylinders, and that it will be too much for the Seahawks defense to stop. Green Bay has the advantage of playing at home, but it is also a late afternoon game for the NFC rivals.

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On Sunday night football (December 11), the ESPN experts also predict that the New York Giants will beat the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have already clinched a spot in the 2017 NFL Playoffs, so this may be a prediction that the team is going to let down just a bit after reaching that milestone. The Giants beat the Cowboys to open the 2016 NFL season, so the team knows how to compete against Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

There are additional games where the ESPN analysts are predicting games in a way that might shock NFL fans. They have unanimously predicted the Indianapolis Colts will beat the Houston Texans, that the Arizona Cardinals will beat the Miami Dolphins on the road, that the Philadelphia Eagles will lose at home to the Washington Redskins, and that the San Francisco 49ers will beat the New York Jets. What isn’t surprising is that the Cleveland Browns are predicted to fall to 0-13 by losing to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

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For the Monday night football game (December 12), the NFL has the New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens. A number of the football analysts are predicting that the Ravens are going to pull off this upset on the road. That would allow the Ravens to keep first place in the AFC North and also create a situation where the top four teams in the league could all lose. Within the Week 14 NFL picks, there are analysts predicting that the New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, and Seattle Seahawks will all pick up losses. Could Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, and Derek Carr really all lose in the same week?

Week 14 NFL Picks — ESPN Experts

Kansas City Chiefs beat Oakland Raiders (December 8)

Pittsburgh Steelers beat Buffalo Bills (December 11)

Denver Broncos beat Tennessee Titans

Washington Redskins beat Philadelphia Eagles

Arizona Cardinals beat Miami Dolphins

San Diego Chargers beat Carolina Panthers

Cincinnati Bengals beat Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions beat Chicago Bears

Indianapolis Colts beat Houston Texans

Minnesota Vikings beat Jacksonville Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers beat New York Jets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons beat Los Angeles Rams

Green Bay Packers beat Seattle Seahawks

New York Giants beat Dallas Cowboys

Baltimore Ravens beat New England Patriots (December 12)

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