WWE News: Popular WWE Network Show ‘WWE NXT’ Set To Go Live In 2017?

WWE NXT has been rising in popularity since 2014 due to its amazing matches, wrestlers, and storylines, so many fans want to know why it is not treated the same as WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown Live. The very reason that WWE made women’s wrestling a big deal was due to the greatness of the Four Horsewomen of NXT: Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch.

All four are on the main roster now after really great runs in NXT with Bayley being the last to appear. Three have become a women’s champion on the main roster with Banks and Flair already having three titles to their credit each already. This is in addition to amazing work from Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and more on the men’s side. Two of them have already been World Champion on the main roster now.

The fact is that WWE NXT is becoming just as valuable as RAW and SmackDown Live, so why must the show be taped when it could be live each and every Wednesday like the other two properties? It is on the WWE Network, so the cost to do it is a lot less than it would be trying to go through television and not streaming. Plus WWE already does live NXT Takeover events, so it is not as if they cannot actually make it happen with the group.

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Finally, it seems that the WWE has come around. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is discussing the possibility of making NXT a live broadcast in 2017. The thought is that there would be a lot of logistics involved in the process, but it could be done. Many fans believe this would be a step in the right direction and by no means impossible.

WWE airs a live Talking Smack show and now WWE 205 Live each Tuesday after SmackDown Live. NXT is already in a regular set at Full Sail University that they could book on a weekly basis for sure. However, if they could not, then it would not be out of the question for them to go around to other college campuses around the state of Florida.

It has been proven that NXT can draw the same crowd for a Takeover event that the main roster can draw for a normal PPV. While one could claim this is likely because of the fact that people are already in town for the main roster, it could be thought that NXT could draw the same crowds that a main roster could for their own live product.

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WWE NXT tours all around the country and the world. Each place they go tends to result in a good crowd. That said, WWE should by no means be worried about drawing people to their events when they already do it now. WWE could still work in the smaller arenas over the bigger ones for a while. However, this is not a bad thing at all.

WWE worked the smaller arenas until they managed to get popular. By that time, they were good to go and managed to draw everywhere they went. NXT has been around a number of years with fans loving it. There would be a good shot that a hardcore fan would show up for NXT but possibly not a main roster event too. WWE NXT is all about the new school combined with the wrestling we love seeing today while the main roster is built around what Vince McMahon likes to see.

Hardcore fans realize that a show like WWE NXT is quite valuable and they would never want to see it get worse because of being live. However, the only way to really make the brand bigger is to treat it the same as others will no fallout. You cannot treat them the same without all three being live, especially since the WWE Network exists now when it did not at the time WWE RAW first began.

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