‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Paternity Test Revealed, Will Billy And Victoria Reunite?

Young and The Restless spoilers are in, and it looks like Billy and Victoria might be heading for a reunion. The source for their possible reunion points to the new paternity reveal, which might come directly from Kevin as he investigates the mystery surrounding Bella’s real father.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kevin is very intrigued by the paternity drama, but he doesn’t want to let on that this interests him, because he doesn’t want to push Chloe away. It’s said that Kevin finds a shoebox that Chloe has been keeping from him. He’s convinced that whatever is in Bella’s shoebox will lead him to a clue about Bella’s father.

As far as Billy is concerned, it’s suggested that Billy’s sperm was stolen by Chloe, which is a familiar plot point that we’ve seen used across the board for all soaps. Then again, spoilers also teased that he might not be the father, so it’s very much up in the air.

Young and The Restless spoilers revealed that Bella might not be Billy’s daughter, which might be a shock to Chloe, too. Is this related to whatever Kevin finds out when it comes to the paternity? It might be.

The one thing fans are certain about is that this will impact Billy and Victoria. While it’s unclear which way things will go, there are two routes the writers can take with this couple. One option is the paternity drama, which can heat things up between Billy and Victoria. It’s been hinted that the on-and-off couple is due for a reunion, and the news about the paternity of Bella can push them closer together than ever before. Billy will need to be comforted by someone, and Victoria might be the person he leans on in his time of need. This means that old feelings will surface, which might lead to a passionate night or two between the old flames.

That said, Young and The Restless spoilers suggested that Billy and Victoria can go another way with this storyline. If Billy turns out to be the father of Bella, this might give Chloe the idea to form a family with Billy. In the end, Billy might not be able to make a decision between Chloe and Victoria, which will cause some major drama. As far as Billy and Victoria’s reunion goes, it may never happen if Billy hesitates for too long or winds up choosing Chloe over Victoria out of guilt.

If Chloe and Billy actually happen again, it wouldn’t be a complete shock. Actress Elizabeth Hendrickson spoke with Soap Opera Digest back in July about Chloe’s return to Y&R, and she seemed more than enthusiastic about getting the chance to possibly return to Billy and Chloe’s relationship.

As for other Young and The Restless spoilers, it’s revealed that Nikki will get a shock from Victoria. She confesses that she broke up with Travis.

Celeb Dirty Laundry stated, “The Young and the Restless spoilers say Nikki and Victor will listen to Victoria’s heartbreaking confession. They’ll try to offer support, but that won’t stop Victoria from being embarrassed. She hates that she had to break off her engagement, but that was better than marrying a man she had no faith in.”

What do you think about the latest batch of Y&R spoilers? Do you think Billy is Bella’s father? Will this conflict with a possible reunion with Victoria?

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