‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Woos Nina, Lulu Questions Her Connection To Charlotte, Sam And Jason Consider A Big Step, And Curtis Connects With Jordan

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday detail that things will be getting juicy in Port Charles as the investigation into the car bombing and Valentin woos Nina. Lulu is drawn to Charlotte and will be trying to figure out exactly why, and Anna is not letting go of her investigation. Curtis and Jason have pieced together that Julian planted the bomb in his car himself and Alexis is facing questions about her actions toward her estranged husband. There is plenty of action ahead, and viewers cannot wait to see where things head next during the December 7 show.

Valentin is using Nina’s interest in Charlotte to draw her closer to him, and General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps tease that things will really heat up between the two during Wednesday’s episode. Nina will end up stuck on Spoon Island with him, seemingly due to an intense snow storm, and it sounds as if things may get a bit intense between the two. She knows he isn’t necessarily good for her, but she can’t seem to resist his charms, and he’s pulling out all of the stops to win her over.


Lulu met Charlotte and was immediately drawn to her, as was Laura. Fans have been speculating for some time now that the little girl will turn out to be Lulu’s via the embryo that was supposedly destroyed, but there is obviously something twisty on the way to account for Valentin being Charlotte’s biological father. General Hospital spoilers note that Lulu will talk with Dante about her interest in Charlotte, trying to sort through the strong feelings she has for a child she just met.

Anna is determined to figure out the truth about Valentin and his past, as she has yet to piece together how they are connected. General Hospital spoilers share that she will reach out to Andre and ask him for his help during this next episode, and Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that she may ask Andre to put together a profile on Valentin to try to help her figure out the pieces she’s been missing.

Jason and Sam will be discussing whether to find out the gender of their baby and fans cannot wait to see news on this front. Many are rooting for their baby to be a girl with no drama regarding the baby’s birth or health, and it sounds like there may be a reason for Jason and Sam to be celebrating soon. Will they go ahead and learn the baby’s gender or decide to let it be a surprise?

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General Hospital spoilers note that Maxie will be doing some work on the wedding, but Nathan catches her in the midst of something that leaves her scrambling a bit. Nathan and Maxie’s wedding date is right around the corner, but there are hints that there are more obstacles for the two to tackle before they can successfully tie the knot.

Curtis will connect with Jordan, and he’ll tease that he’ll share what he knows if she does the same. Jason and Curtis have pieced together that Julian planted the bomb in the car himself, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jordan will share something critical with Curtis that helps to piece everything together. Viewers will be very curious to see how the rest of this storyline plays out and see what happens to Julian as a result.

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As the week continues, Lulu will continue to feel increasingly certain that she’s connected to Charlotte and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will soon confront Valentin. Nathan and Dante will be questioning Cassadine as well, but it sounds as if he may continue to play games regarding the truth about the child and any connection to Lulu. Nina will continue to be rather defensive about her new relationship, and Elizabeth will be trying to handle a difficult situation on her own.

There’s more on the way regarding Nelle and her antics with Sonny and Alexis will be facing difficult questions as she helps Julian in the wake of his blackmail scheme against her. Ava will be suspicious about Alexis’ motives and she surely won’t be the only one wondering what’s going on between the two estranged spouses in the days ahead. General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be juicy over the course of the next few episodes and fans cannot wait to see how it all ties together.

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