Angelina Jolie Is House Hunting In Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie is reportedly looking for a new house in Los Angeles so that her children will not be far away from their father Brad Pitt following the recent and highly publicized divorce.

Jolie and Pitt’s divorce meant that the family would have to endure abrupt new changes but Jolie’s search for a new house means she does not want her children to be impacted heavily by the changes. Pitt will still remain as part of her children’s lives and the only easy way to make sure that the relationship between the children and their father is for to live close to him. This will make it easier for planned visits. Buying a house in L.A was thus the best way to solve the problem.

“She’s currently looking into buying a new house in L.A. so the kids can remain close to their father,” a source familiar with the matter revealed.

The news that Angelina is planning to purchase a new house follows shortly after the spread of rumors from TMZ that Jolie wanted to move to London with the children. The report was however shot down by Jolie’s representative who dismissed the report as false. The claim was suggested because the former couple had previously lived in the UK for a few months this year while Pitt was filming the sequel to his hit film, World War Z.

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Earlier in June, an insider had also reported that Jolie was offered a job at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Women, Peace, and Security. Moving to the UK was therefore not a very farfetched idea. Though Angelina wanted to live in the UK, Pitt’s preference was their Château Miraval estate, which is located south of France.

“France is something Brad and Ange don’t ever agree on,” an insider previously pointed out.

The recent court documents filed by Angelina stipulate that Angelina will continue to have sole custody of the children; Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, twins Knox and Vivienne, eight. However, the documents also stipulate that Pitt will continue to have therapeutic visits with the children. They will also continue to have individual counseling sessions in addition to the joint visits. The document also revealed that Jolie does not have the mandate to decide when the children will see their dad. The decision is carried out by their therapist after talking to the children.

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Brad spent the recent thanksgiving holiday away from the family. According to reports, back when they were still married, Pitt and Jolie took every holiday as an opportunity to spend time with the kids. It was most likely the first time that Pitt has spent a holiday away from the family. It is not clear whether it will be the same case this upcoming Christmas holiday though that will entirely depend on the children and the therapist by extension.

Other requirements imposed by the legal documents include a requirement that Pitt should be subjected to a random drug test every four months. Brad reportedly has no problem with the guidelines and is willing to go along with it for the sake of the children. The source also reported that Jolie has also cooperated with the guidelines.

Pitt has continued with his busy film-making schedule and was recently in London for the debut of his movie, Allied. He will most likely continue to live in L.A and that most likely has a huge impact on Angelina’s decision to look for a house in the same city. The decision means that Angelina has the children’s best interest at heart. She is aware that living close to their dad is the smartest move for their sake, thus the decision to purchase a new home in L.A.

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