WWE News: Real Reason Why Triple H Hasn’t Appeared On WWE Television to Begin Feud With Seth Rollins Revealed

Back in August, Triple H was a ghost on WWE television. After losing the WWE Championship to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 32 in front of the entire world, he vanished. He wasn’t seen again until late August during the Fatal Four Way to determine the next WWE Universal Champion after Finn Balor was forced to vacate the title after WWE Summerslam. The actions of HHH still haven’t been explained as of this writing.

He betrayed Seth Rollins and ensured that Kevin Owens became the WWE Universal Champion. Since then, Owens has been feuding with Rollins to over the title that both men believe should be rightfully theirs. For the time being, both men have their attention on other opponents, but Rollins made it crystal clear during Monday Night Raw this week that his overall focus is still getting revenge on Triple H for his betrayal.

The WWE Universe has been waiting patiently for HHH vs. Rollins since this summer, and WWE television has been building to their feud for roughly two years. However, WWE has been very cautious about how the feud is built heading into 2017. It’s not a coincidence that Triple H hasn’t been seen or heard from on WWE TV for the past four months, but there is an even bigger reason why WWE officials are keeping him off TV.

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A few months back, the reason that we were given was WWE officials didn’t want to waste HHH’s return to WWE programming while the ratings were down, Monday Night Football had just returned, and while the United States Presidential Election was occurring. Obviously, WWE wants to build HHH versus Rollins for the WWE Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania 33 next year. Why not save the payoff for an appropriate PPV?

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of speculation about when the match will finally happen. It has been reported that WWE officials are leaning towards the WWE Royal Rumble in San Antonio and The Game has been teasing that he’ll be wrestling his next match at that event as well. A more recent report has claimed that WWE wants to book the rematch between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 33.

Because of that, it would be more logical for the powers that be to move the match between HHH and Seth Rollins for the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. However, WWE officials will need to pull the trigger on Triple H’s return to WWE television sooner rather than later. In fact, that could lead to a huge swerve next weekend.

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During this week’s edition of Raw, Rollins called out Triple H. According to a new report; The Game was in Australia touring with NXT. That was the reason why he didn’t make his return on Monday night, but WWE didn’t have to mention HHH since there was no chance of him showing up, but it must have been done for a specific reason. It could have just been a quick reminder to the WWE Universe, or it could have been more.

It was recently reported that Triple H might not even appear on WWE television to start the feud with Seth Rollins until after the NFL season concludes in February. Obviously, that would mean that HHH vs. Rollins is happening at Wrestlemania 33. However, Rollins mentioning Triple H may have been a way to bring him back into the minds of the WWE Universe for next Sunday’s WWE Roadblock PPV.

If WWE officials are going to pull the trigger on Rollins vs. Triple H at WWE Royal Rumble, then the latter returning at WWE Roadblock could be the plan. His return would be shocking, but that’s exactly what WWE wants for his return. That’s exactly why they’ve waited so long. There is only speculation about his return to WWE programming right now, but Triple H could be back on WWE television at any time.

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