Robert Pattinson Wax Figure Unveiled, But Fans Think It’s ‘Laughably Bad’

Robert Pattinson’s wax figure has been unveiled at the famous wax museum Madame Tussauds in England, but fans don’t feel the sculpture does the Twilight actor justice.

Robert Pattinson’s wax figure debuted earlier this week in England, and the Madame Tussauds exhibit was several months in the making.

Robert Pattinson’s wax figure was unveiled on the 23rd in Blackpool, England to much fanfare from Twilight devotees — the blog Hollywood Life explained that the hubbub surrounding the new wax figure was very intense, and very expensive:

“Hundreds of screaming fans waited for hours to see the wax figure, and to get their photo taken with ‘Rob’. The staff at Madame Tussauds even had to hire extra security to protect the wax version of the Twilight star, as it took four months and cost $240,000 to create.”

But while fans were jazzed for the introduction of the Robert Pattinson wax figure, a few were displeased with the results of the six-figure effort to recreate the world’s whiniest and most milquetoast vampire in the medium of sculpted wax.

It’s to be expected that fan reaction to the Robert Pattinson wax figure would be critical, considering the notoriously rabid fan base Twilight has amassed in its four years of media domination. But still, many say the Pattinson wax statue crossed the line from uncanny valley to just plain funny.

Are you a Robert Pattinson fan that feels the Robert Pattinson wax figure looks nothing like your favorite vamp, or is the likeness reasonable?

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