‘Pokemon GO’ News: Update Leaked In Starbucks Marketing Material Hints Gen 2 Will Be Unleashed This Week

Pokemon GO news update reveals as a confidential memo for baristas in Starbucks, the world’s biggest coffee chain have been leaked online.

First appearing on Eurogamer, the marketing material which was supposedly for Starbucks baristas eyes only revealed that the expected 100 new Pokemon to be introduced this December is coming this week.

The Starbucks “Barista Need-To-Know” memo states that the coffee chain will soon become Pokestops or Pokemon Gyms after Niantic rolls out a Pokemon Go update on Thursday, December 8.

Starting on Thursday, Starbucks will be serving a Pokémon Go Frappucino which is basically a regular vanilla Frappucino that has been “evolved with raspberry syrup and blackberries.”

The Q&A portion of the document also explains how Starbucks baristas should handle Pokemon Go players who are just in the café to play.

“Serving our customers is the most important thing we do every day. Make the moment right and use your best judgment to address Pokémon Go players in the cafe.”

Furthermore, a Reddit post from alturrisi revealed that the special Pokemon Go Frappuccino is exclusively made for players of the game.

[PHOTO] MORE evidence from HUGE Starbucks Pokemon GO related event on Dec. 8th!
by u/alturrisi in pokemongo

But aside from unveiling the blooming partnership between Niantic and Starbucks, the confidential document also revealed exciting Pokemon Go news update on a patch to be rolled out this week.

Apparently, the Pokemon Go update that turns Starbucks stores in the United States into Pokestops or Pokemon Gyms also holds a much more exciting surprise: the second Generation Gold and Silver Pokemon.

According to the Starbucks marketing material, “new Pokemon” will be introduced alongside the “evolved” Frappuccino.

“The world of Pokemon GO is about to expand with new Pokemon and a new Starbucks beverage!”

Since the game was launched in June, Pokemon GO updates already introduced almost all of the original 151 characters showcased in the Game Boy game released two decades ago save for a few especially rare ones.

According to the Android Police’s Pokemon GO news, update on the game that was made recently revealed Ditto to the world and will soon be joined by Legendary ones such as Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres if Eurogamer interpreted the Starbucks promotional leak correctly.

This also means that Niantic will add more creatures in the augmented reality game including those from second-generation games or the “Gen 2 Pokemon.”

But while that is already exciting, December still holds much promise for loyal players of the game as Pokemon Go news cited in a previous report from the Inquisitr reveals the possibility of trading and player-versus-player features to be introduced in the mobile game.

Also, an Android Authority’s Pokemon Go news update involving a Sprint-Niantic partnership is set to be unveiled on Wednesday, December 7.

Meanwhile, official word from Niantic Labs related to Pokemon Go news update reveals that the game has been updated on Tuesday, December 6, into version 0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS.

According to the press release, Pokemon Go players can now transfer multiple characters to Professor Willow’s care at the same time. To do this, players should press and hold on a Pokémon before choosing the “Transfer” function.

Icons revealing the type of Pokemon that are currently battling in Gyms has also been added both in the battle sequence and Gym approach.

Other tweaks made on Tuesday’s update include a total Candy count indicator for your Buddy Pokemon’s information screen as well as the total number of kilometers walked by every Pokemon that has been assigned as a Buddy for a time.

What did you think of this Pokemon Go news update? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below.

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