Bella Hadid Unveils Her Nipple Piercing In Hot Photo Shoot

Bella Hadid appears to be following in Kendall Jenner’s footsteps following a nipple piercing campaign. Bella reveals her nipple piercing in a Paper magazine shoot.

Bella Hadid was selected as Paper magazine’s cover girl for the winter 2016 issue and her photos are quite revealing. The model shows off her beautiful body and noticeably isn’t afraid to show off her breasts. The 20-year-old wore an oversized black suit in one of the photos in which she was also topless. The photo highlighted the sexy model in a squatting position while biting one of her fingers. The top piece she was wearing was unbuttoned and one of her breasts popped out, revealing a nipple piercing.

Bella’s nipple piercing reveals a more daring side of the model who is often considered very quiet. However, she aspires to be more outgoing as she stated recently adding that she wants to have a more bubbly personality.

“People say that I don’t smile, or that I don’t have a personality,” stated Bella.

The 20-year-old model also added that the claim about her not having a personality has given her the desire to act. She also stated that she thinks acting would be fun because it is exciting to be in front of the camera rather than just being photographed. She did not talk about her breakup with The Weeknd or the nipple piercing.

Bella Hadid recently made her debut as a Victoria’s Secret model during the brand’s fashion show in Paris. She also got the privilege of sharing the stage with her sister, Gigi Hadid, who made her Victoria’s Secret debut in 2015. Bella’s modeling career seems to be in the fast lane just like her big sister. At just 20-years-old, the model’s career has successfully kicked off nicely and she also claims that she has an interest in acting. Perhaps this will catapult her into the film industry and we might get to see her on the big screens rather than just on the runway and magazine covers.

As far as posing is concerned, Bella does a great job. She shows off her modeling prowess in the Paper magazine shoot in which she stylishly rocks a blonde hairstyle, smoky eyeshadow, and jeweled lipstick. She also admitted that smiling is her weakest point.

“I have to practice that a lot … I have to close my best friend and roommate’s door and put a big mirror in front of it so she can’t get out of her room so that I have a part of the apartment to walk and practice. Sure, I wish I could smile bigger but it’s everything you can work on,” said Bella.

Smiling or not, the young model definitely nailed the photo shoot thanks to her sublime beauty. The Paper magazine shoot also happened within a short interval after the Paris fashion show. This means that Hadid’s performance put her on the map and is already opening new opportunities for her and hopefully it marks the start of an incredible, long and successful career. Luckily, she has a lot of support from her parents, her sister Gigi and friends such as Kendall who was also one of the most notable models this year.

The model has not talked about the revealing nature of her latest photo shoot. However, it appears she does not mind showing off a bit of skin judging by the fact that she was comfortable with her breasts popping out in the Paper magazine shoot. Many female celebrities have comfortably been showing off their sexy bodies through Instagram posts so it seems to be becoming the norm. Bella’s nipple piercing also points to the fact that women have started to embrace nipple piercing.

[Featured Image by Francois Mori/AP Images]

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