Stephen King’s ‘It’: Burbank, CA Is Already Screening It For A Test Audience, Free Tickets Are Still Available!

Movieweb reports that the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It is finished and fans can now go see it! Unfortunately, only a lucky few will get that opportunity at a test screening of the full-length movie next week.

The big screen remake of the iconic Stephen King tale has become somewhat of an internet sensation during the months it was announced, and it has always been slated for a September 2017 release. That’s one of the reasons it is so surprising that the Stephen King movie (or at least the first shoot of the movie) is already finished. Is it possible that the film’s debut will be moved up?

Presumably, to see how audiences react to the movie in order to determine what changes need to be made before release, the people behind the movie-fication of Stephen King’s horror fiction masterpiece have arranged a test screening. That is, they hired a movie testing organization called “1 Iota” to take care of the process, and 1 Iota chose to show the movie to a select audience in Burbank, CA on December 15.

Burbank is a fairly common location for these type of movie-related events because it is a well-known haven for people familiar with show business who prefer to live outside the bright lights and loud noises of Los Angeles itself. It is also an apt choice for a Stephen King screening in particular because of the town’s obsession with all things morbid and horror-related. This phenomenon is illustrated by the town’s tradition of gruesome Halloween decorations covered by The Los Angeles Times.

The reason 1 Iota is limiting the Stephen King film screening to 18-49 year-olds is because that is the film’s target demographic. As the Inquisitr noted in a recent article about the movie, It is going to be rated R in order to adhere more stringently to Stephen King’s original work. It is great news for King’s fans, who have for ages wanted a screen adaptation of the work that does more justice to the book than the low-budget 1990 TV miniseries. It also means, however, that younger audiences will not be able to go see the film in theaters without an adult present. Because of this, 1 Iota wants to focus on the older audiences, who will more than likely make up almost all of the Stephen King film’s viewerbase.

At the same time, though, they realize that those who are too old (people aged 50 or above, in this case) will probably not be too interested in a Stephen King adaptation, for the most part. Hence the 18-49 age requirement for the test screening.

The most alluring draw of the test screening other than that it is of a viral Stephen King-based flick is that it’s free. A short application stating why you are interested in the film and a sign-up on 1 Iota’s site are required, and not everyone who applies for a ticket is guaranteed to receive one, but there are definitely worse ways to spend a Thursday afternoon while not spending any cash. The audience will very likely be surveyed about some of their favorite and least favorite aspects of the movie after the credits roll, and that valuable input is payment enough.

Unfortunately, adds the Movieweb piece, Stephen King fans are unlikely to see any spoilers about the movie come from this event, as pre-screenings nearly always require the audience members to sign a non-disclosure agreement swearing they will not reveal any details of the film.

As of the time of this writing, though, there are still plenty of tickets available for the Stephen King screening! And it is very likely the ticket application process will remain open for a while, as 1 Iota will probably not select the lucky few to give tickets to until nearer to the screening.

If you live in or around the greater Los Angeles area or are just a huge Stephen King fan who doesn’t mind taking a trip to sunny Burbank, CA, this is a golden opportunity. For those interested, the screening is at 3:00 p.m. on the 15th (next Thursday). The application, in which you can request either one or two tickets, can be found at 1 Iota’s site here.

And as always, long days and pleasant nights, Stephen King fans.

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