‘This Is Us’ Trend: #PrayForToby After His 6-Hour Flight [Spoilers]

Mandy Moore’s Twitter account reiterated the oft-repeated promise featured in Tuesday night’s episode of This is Us. That promise was that nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve — but maybe that promise was only meant for immediate members of the Pearson family.

Warning: Spoiler alerts follow, so only keep reading if you don’t mind learning what happened during Thursday’s episode.

As seen in the photo above, Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on This is Us, arrived at the so-dubbed NBC and Vanity Fair Toast to the 2016-2017 TV Season in Los Angeles in November. The fact that Toby could in fact still appear in the 2017 season of This is Us is hopeful for This is Us fans, including many seasons beyond.

That’s because those who watched the “Last Christmas” episode of This is Us saw the most unexpected potential death occur at the end. After Toby spent six hours on a plane in the middle seat in order to get to the home of Randall (played by Sterling K. Brown), Toby complained about his entire body hurting.

Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, a character who had her own deal of drama with pending gastric bypass surgery, as reported by the Inquisitr, took Toby for a romp. Toby joked about Kate’s suggestion of sex immediately curing him, but Beth (played by Susan Kelechi Watson) noticed that Toby was breathing hard and heavy after his “tour” of the home with Kate. Beth also alerted Toby to the fact that his shirt wasn’t buttoned correctly.

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As reported by EW, This Is Us and their “Last Christmas” episode had an ominous title, with the life-and-death theme surrounding the episode. One death was prevented when a suicidal coworker was rescued by Randall and inadvertently by Beth.

Rebecca and Jack (played Milo Ventimiglia) appeared in flashback scenes with the doctor who delivered their babies.

But it was the plight of Toby that has plenty of the comments below rolling into social media under the #ThisIsUs hashtag. As Toby stood up to perform some task, he keeled over the table. Toby was later shown in scenes getting emergency help, with defibrillator shocks being applied to his chest. The beeping of monitors made it seem as though Toby may have still had a heartbeat, so the assumption is that Toby has had a heart attack, and will get his heart shocked back into rhythm.

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Toby had just made the decision to lose weight for himself and skip junk food in order to show Kate he’s serious about not losing her, even as she goes forward in her own weight loss journey.

The pivotal episode of This is Us was directed by Helen Hunt, and some of the comments about Toby can be read below.

“Why am I upset Toby almost broke Randall/Beth’s table?

I’m gonna kill someone if you kill off Toby.”

“Am I the only one who thinks Toby from looks like Toby from ?”

Creative Sagittarian?: “Hope Toby doesn’t die. Kate will feel super guilty, about having make up sex.


Ruth Rutherford: “No. Not . Please no.

: “All I know is Toby better be alive in the opening scene of the next episode

. Of course. I love

“CLEAR! Toby better live.

“No. No. NO! Toby will make it. “Nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve!”

Lisa Bee?: “But seriously, if something happens to Toby, I’m coming for y’all!

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