‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Welcomes Player Housing With Homestead Update In February

In a matter of months, adventurers exploring the world of The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be able to purchase and customize player homes. The new feature is planned to launch in February 2017 with the free Homestead update. Players can purchase a variety of homes with in-game gold or with the real-world Crowns currency.

When the Homestead patch launches, there will be more than 40 houses and 2,000 items available to players. Each home is themed around one of the game’s 10 races or unique locations like Craglorn. After completing a brief set of quests, players will earn their first apartment for free. This customizable home will be located in an inn while bigger homes and lots can be purchased with gold or Crowns.

Players can fast travel to each house they own for free [Image by Bethesda]

Buying houses with gold comes with a little extra effort on the player’s part. To purchase an unfurnished home with gold, players will need to complete a series of quests to impress the NPC neighbors. This is required before purchasing each house with quests unique to each region. Although buying a home this way requires the player to complete a few quests, this can be circumvented by buying the home with Crowns. Players can skip the quest requirement by purchasing a house with Crowns, and homes purchased with Crowns can also be bought fully furnished.

According to the official site for The Elder Scrolls Online, the Crown Store will later feature exclusive properties. Eventually, the Crown Store will be the only way to purchase special homes like one located on a private island. A few other restrictions exist to the otherwise flexible housing system. Although there are several homes themed around Imperial architecture, only players with access to the Imperial Edition can purchase these houses.

Assistants, pets, and mounts can be placed in a player’s home [Image by Bethesda]

Any house purchased with gold or Crowns is unlocked on the player’s account. All characters on the account have access to the home and its contents. Players will be able to craft new furniture and decorations to adorn their homes’ interiors. The new crafts can be created with the game’s existing crafting schools, purchased from in-game vendors, or bought in the Crown Store. New Home Goods Furnishers will provide a way for players to buy furniture and decorations with gold. Additionally, Achievement Furnishers and Luxury Furnishers will also be available. These vendors let players pick up items rewarded for certain achievements or purchase expensive items only available for a limited time respectively.

The Homestead update, homes that can be decorated, and the new options for crafted furniture are all expected to release in February 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. According to Bethesda.net, the free patch will be tested on The Elder Scrolls Online test server before the content is officially released.

“You can begin your journey as a proud Tamriel homeowner when Homestead launches on PC/Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in February, 2017. If you play ESO on PC/Mac and would like to help us test Homestead, you’ll get your chance to join us on the ESO PTS (Public Test Server) in January.”

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to update with major features including paid downloadable content like the Dark Brotherhood add-on and free patches like the One Tamriel update. In fact, the One Tamriel update is the most recent free update and the last major update to the game this year. As the Inquisitr reported, One Tamriel removed alliance restrictions for PvE grouping, battle-leveled the entire world letting players journey anywhere regardless of their level, and introduced several new items.

Although the Homestead update is a free patch like One Tamriel, new paid content is also available now. Players willing to try their luck can purchase Crown Crates from the Crown Store for a chance to loot unique Storm Atronach mounts, retired Crown Store items, and helpful consumables. Each Crown Crate costs 400 Crowns with bundles of crates available at a discount as stated on the game’s website. Duplicate unlocks and unwanted items will convert into Crown Gems. Save up enough Crown Gems to unlock the special Crown Crate items directly in The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]

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