Katie Holmes Gets Candid About Directorial Debut In ‘All We Had’ [Video]

Katie Holmes has had a boisterous career in front of the camera, but now she is leaving her mark from behind the camera as well. With her directorial debut in the indie drama All We Had, Katie Holmes is about to give audiences around the world a poignant look inside the life of a struggling mother who goes to great lengths and conquers tremendous odds to make a life for her and her teenage daughter.

If there is one thing that Katie Holmes is about, it’s portraying life as it is, as opposed to life as cinema might have you believe. At least that is the way Holmes portrayed her latest project to Entertainment Weekly. There is a fine line between what people see in the movies and the way that it actually plays out in real life, as Katie Holmes might say.

“I wanted to create the most authentic characters, not as a cliche or as my idea of what it would be like [to be in their shoes], but I tried to get as real as possible,” Katie Holmes told Entertainment Weekly. “Rita, while she’s gone through [a lot], you’d think she would be completely destroyed and depressed by it all, but she has a magic to her, an ability to see the bright side of things and make them fun for her daughter; she never gives up.”

Not only did Katie Holmes direct All We Had, but she also plays the lead role in the film as Rita, alongside Stefanie Owen as her daughter, Ruthie. The two ladies are transients trying to find the ideal situation for each other to lead the best possible lives in a world where poverty is frowned upon and rejected by society.

There are many different angles to All We Had that portray the life of Katie Holmes’ Rita and her daughter, but they all equate to the one thing that seems to be the centerpiece of the film, and that is the struggle that a single mother goes through to make it in America today.

“I hope people feel a sense of empathy for others, a sense of healing, and a sense of resilience,” Katie Holmes said about what she wants people to take away from the film.

There is also another breakthrough performance that is noteworthy for Katie Holmes’ film. All We Had is based off a book by Annie Weatherwax and in that novel, there is a transgender woman by the name of Peter Pam. That role went to the rising transgender starlet that has been making waves across film and TV recently, Eve Lindley.

“It was important to me to be able to get inside that character (Pam), and then we watch her journey,” Katie Homes told Entertainment Weekly. “Eve hasn’t [appeared in many films], but she has a beautiful heart, and she was very natural. I needed that sparkle because Pam is the heart of the diner; people enjoy being around her. She’s a human being who attracts people. She’s a light. Eve just had that naturally, and when you get to know someone in that way, when they go through something rather painful, it touches you more.”

Fans of Katie Holmes can also expect to see her behind the camera in many more future projects now that she has gotten a taste of something that she seems to have a natural talent for.

“I like directing actors,” Katie Holmes said. “I feel grateful for the experiences I’ve had with different directors teaching me different ways to get a performance out of myself.”

Fans can see Katie Holmes’ directorial debut of All We Had when it comes out in a limited theatrical run on December 9, which will also get a digital release the same day.

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