Ireland Baldwin Says Yes To Topless Photo Shoots As Hailey Baldwin Backs Off

Ireland Baldwin is clearly comfortable in her body. Alec Baldwin’s daughter has always caused a commotion when it comes to her social media posts and provocative photo shoots.

In her latest photo shoot, Ireland Baldwin filmed herself stripping on the beach as she goes skinny-dipping in the ocean in the latest sneak peek of the Love Magazine Advent calendar, reports Page Six. The beauty stripped down to just her thong in a racy video for the publication, which shows her stripping out of her clothes and heading to the water.

In the black-and-white video, Ireland wears a trench coat as Madonna’s “Cherish” plays in the background. She then removes the trench coat and reveals her lingerie underneath. Ireland then jogs and rolls around the sand before stripping off and taking a dip in the cold ocean. The video (which you can view here) was uploaded to YouTube but has since been removed due for violating YouTube’s non-nudity policy.

Baldwin, 21, was previously filmed stripping out of her clothes and taking a nude dip in the ocean. TMZ was the first to write about the troublemaking starlet, who was seen wearing a sheer dress that exposed her nipples and sleeve tattoos. Baldwin reportedly rolled around in the sand and took off her lingerie for the photoshoot.

The six-foot-two-inch model is following her mother Kim Basinger’s career path. She signed a contract with IMG in March 2013 and told People at the time, “I want to be an inspirational model. I want people to look at me and say, ‘Wow, she looks healthy.'”

Ireland previously told Treats! Magazine, which she also stripped down for, that she doesn’t mind stripping down in photo shoots. She also mentioned that she now appreciates her mom’s racy shoots and provocative scenes in movies like Final Analysis. Kim Basinger, 62, stripped down for Playboy in 1982 when she was 29-years-old. Then, in 1986, she starred in the erotic thriller 9 ½ Weeks.

“I was old enough at that point to appreciate it artistically,” she admitted.

Last month, Baldwin made headlines when she shared a busty photo on social media. As reported via the Daily Mail, the brunette beauty shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a cheetah print bikini top that looked too small for her body. Baldwin’s hair was wet and pulled back and she sat on a tropical print wicker chair, which indicated that she probably just went outside for a quick swim in her pool.

While Ireland Baldwin loves to show off her body, her cousin Hailey Baldwin doesn’t share the same sentiments. The 20-year-old model revealed in an interview with Yahoo Be 7 that while she would walking down the runway for Victoria’s Secret is “a dream” of hers, she would never free her nipples or pose nude in a photo shoot.

“Of course, it’s something I would love to do,” Baldwin said. “I can’t say that for sure if I’ll ever get it in my life, but I think it’s definitely a dream of every model.”

But, there is one thing that the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin would absolutely not do in when it comes to posing in front of the camera.

“I would never pose topless,” she said, adding that she doesn’t like to wear revealing ensembles because “I don’t like nipple.”

“I wouldn’t ever pose naked,” Baldwin continued. “I’m fine to do like bikinis and certainly lingerie if I feel it’s done tastefully, like [something] cute [like] Victoria’s Secret, but nothing like raunchy or overly sexual.”

Like Ireland, Hailey also posed for Love’s Advent calendar several times, and she even danced sexually in a new video for the fashion publication.

“The Love Advent calendar is obviously quite sexy and it’s meant to be that way. I just try to make sure I’m not overdoing it in the sexiness.”

Have you seen Ireland and Hailey Baldwin’s racy videos for the Love Advent calendar? If so, what are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comments section.

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