Jeremih Booted From PartyNextDoor Summer’s Over Tour After A Series Of Bad Behavior

Jeremih made it pretty clear over the past week that he doesn’t feel like he should be an opening act. While opening for PartyNextDoor’s Summer’s Over tour, the R&B singer started off his streak of bad behavior by possibly using a stunt double at his Houston show. It was at the Dallas concert that Jeremih sealed the deal in an epic rant and ended up getting booted from the tour. Now Jeremih isn’t opening for anyone and he’s not on tour at all.

Apparently, Jeremih felt that he has become a big enough star to headline his own tour and because of that, his job as the opener of PartyNextDoor’s Summer’s Over tour didn’t feel like a big enough deal. Instead, many outlets claim the singer wanted to be a co-headliner or just have a tour of his own.

After giving Jeremih the boot from PartyNextDoor’s Summer’s Over tour, Live Nation issued a statement.

“We’ve decided it’s best for the Summer’s Over Tour to continue without Jeremih, effective immediately,” Live Nation’s statement says. “After multiple incidents we are left with no other choice. We do not support these actions or take these actions lightly.”

The beef between Jeremih and PartyNextDoor started before the Houston show when the singer’s opening act went on much too long. He was pretty upset when the sound crew cut him off during the Chicago show. So upset that according to a Billboard report, Jeremih just might have used a stunt double to perform in his place at the following show in Houston.

It was reported that Jeremih may have sent one of his buddies on stage to perform in his place, Many fans weren’t fooled when a man who reportedly was not Jeremih came out in front of the Houston crowd to lip sync along with some of the crooner’s songs. That is just one incident that led to his release from the tour.

It was when the Summer’s Over tour hit Dallas that things went from bad to worse. There were no stunt doubles on stage when Jeremih went on a rant against PartyNextDoor that made it clear he wanted out. “PartyNextDoor and his crew are some b***h a** n***as. Now tell me that. Tell me what I said now?,” Jeremih ranted. “Y’all better scream for PartyNextDoor now. Tell him to pay that fake-a** budget they’ve been pressing at night.”

It didn’t stop there either, Jeremih has continued his rant on Twitter. It seems the singer wanted to explain to his fans why he wasn’t getting as much time on stage as he wanted.

“Truth is “they” didnt want me 2 perform tonight.. it sad people will take ur money and blatantly make it seem like I only want to do 2 songs,” Jeremih tweeted. “#SummersOver”

Days later, after the Dallas concert, Jeremih resumed his Twitter rant. He claims something hinky was in the air in Dallas. Maybe that’s why he decided to get on stage and go all the way off about the headliner, PartyNextDoor. It doesn’t look like the singer is sorry, even though he also is no longer on tour.

“Pepper spray was put in the atmosphere last night on stage while I was performing in Dallas. Surprisingly no blogs picked that up,” Jeremih tweeted after the concert. The singer still claimed they were on their way to the San Antonio show, even after he told the Dallas crowd what he really thought of PartyNextDoor.

Now that Jeremih is no longer bound by his Live Nation tour with PartyNextDoor, the singer is free to do his own shows. Let’s see if he can headline a concert tour and sell as many tickets as he believes that he can.

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