Amanda Stanton Split: Engagement To Josh Murray Ends, He’s Reportedly Staying In A Hotel

Amanda Stanton has split from beau Josh Murray just weeks ahead of The Bachelor premiere. According to Reality Steve, it was Amanda Stanton’s decision to split, ending her engagement after a beautiful proposal on Bachelor In Paradise Season 3.

The “former” couple had a pretty hard time proving that their relationship was the real deal, and many fans of Bachelor In Paradise have been patiently waiting for the news that Amanda and Josh were done.

“They are broken up. They just haven’t gone public with it yet because, my guess is, they’re trying to figure out the best time to do it. It’s holiday season, there was just a break up last week in the franchise, etc. I don’t know when their official statement will be released to the media, all I can tell you is what is being reported to me by reliable sources,” reports Reality Steve.

The timing of the Amanda Stanton split news is surprising because she has been posting pictures on social media and appears to be really happy with Josh. In fact, the two were all smiles at Jingle Ball on Dec. 2, and Amanda Stanton posted the following photo on Instagram just two days ago.

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray on December 2 [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Regardless, Reality Steve is confident in his sources and maintains that no matter what you might be seeing on social media, Amanda and Josh are done.

“I heard she ended the engagement and Josh has moved out and is staying at a hotel. At this time, they’re just figuring out the next step. From the sounds of it, this isn’t something that’s a one-time event that caused the breakup. It’s essentially everything you’ve been hearing from the beginning. Just a long time coming and for whatever reason finally came to a head,” Reality Steve said, just about confirming that the rumors about Amanda’s relationship have been true all along.

Amanda Stanton’s split is undoubtedly devastating for her and her two daughters. Amanda was very excited to finally have a family after having her heart broken a few times and wanted her girls to be a part of her life with Murray.

In fact, it didn’t take long for Amanda Stanton to introduce her girls to her new guy, and she posted quite a few sweet pictures of him with her kids. They all looked so happy and the fans who weren’t too busy doubting this relationship were actually really happy for Amanda; a single mother who is known (and loved) for being an absolute sweetheart.

Amanda Stanton [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Amanda Stanton split rumors will likely be confirmed by the “former” couple in the coming days. Reality Steve is very confident in his report and even said that he hasn’t jumped the gun on these rumors. He didn’t report that the two were done until he was sure.

“There’s been stories about them for the last 6 months that I never reported on once. Once seasons are over, I rarely talk about the couples unless there’s a break-up or a major story because I move on to the next season. But based on the latest information I’ve gotten, this looks to be the final straw.”

Amanda Stanton split news isn’t the only Bachelor In Paradise split reported in recent weeks. Another BIP couple called it quits last month. Grant Kemp and Lace Morris ended their engagement — again, not surprising at all. A split in Bachelor nation is par for the course, after all.

The only couple that hasn’t split following the BIP finale is Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. Do you think that Carly and Evan will split or do you think they’ll make it to the altar?

Are you surprised to hear of Amanda Stanton’s split? Are you a fan of Amanda? If she has split from Josh, do you think it will be for the best?

How about new Bachelor Nick Viall? Will he eventually split from his season pick?

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