Bryan Cranston Claims He Doesn’t Know How ‘Breaking Bad’ Will End

Actor Bryan Cranston claims that he doesn’t know how his AMC hit Breaking Bad will ultimately end.

Despite playing the main character and the fact that Breaking Bad is quickly approaching its conclusion, Cranston is playing coy about his knowledge of how the series will eventually play out. During promotional rounds for his movie Argo, the 56-year-old actor has been giving interviews regarding the upcoming finale to his AMC critical darling.

“I don’t know how it ends and I never ask,” Cranston told Short List.

The final eight Breaking Bad episodes are set to shoot next March and air next July on AMC, and MSN greatly doubts that the normally humble Cranston is telling the truth.

“But is he really coming clean? As the predominant actor in a career-defining series, wouldn’t the information immensely help him prepare? And, just as a fan, wouldn’t Cranston be as eager to know as the rest of us are?”

No one knows for sure, but it’s a strong possibility that Cranston simply doesn’t want to know what will happen to Walter White, his character on Breaking Bad. He did, however, hint in a recent interview with Howard Stern that he knows more than he’s been letting on:

“At first I thought, ‘Well he has to die,'” Cranston told Stern. “‘Obviously he’s got to die.’ And then I thought, ‘Well wait a minute. What if he makes such a terrible environment around him that everyone else dies and he’s left alone, having to deal with his loneliness and the decay of his world?’”

In either case, we’re all anxiously awaiting the conclusion of Breaking Bad. Are you a fan of Bryan Cranston? How do you think the AMC hit will end?

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