Jacob Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Changes Twitter Name, Supports Philosopher Alan Watts

Jacob Roloff from Little People, Big World changed his Twitter name to Chinese language and now shows support for late philosopher Alan Watts across all of his active social media accounts.

The youngest Roloff son, Jacob, 19, has been missing from new seasons of Little People, Big World since Season 10 aired on TLC in May, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Several scandals and rumors have surrounded Jacob Roloff, mainly stemming from his postings on social media, beginning in 2014 with a post on his Ask.fm account.

Even before Jacob Roloff completely disappeared from Little People, Big World, he took to his Ask.fm account in 2014 to say that he doesn’t agree with his family’s Christian religion and that he wasn’t signing a new contract to appear on his family’s long-running reality TV series when he turned 18.

Starcasm reported in September, 2014, that Jacob Roloff began losing a lot of fans when he said that he doesn’t practice the Christian religion, especially since the rest of the Roloff clan have been portrayed as devoted Christians since Little People, Big World aired on TLC in March, 2006.

The Roloff family — Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob — never really discussed their religion on Little People, Big World. But Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, certainly hasn’t kept the family’s religious beliefs a secret, as she keeps a Christian marriage blog and proudly announces that she’s a follower of Christ on social media.

Jacob Roloff, on the other hand, has openly admitted to smoking weed, has accused his family of stealing his reality TV money, and has said that he’s “just not a Christian.” Radar Online goes into greater detail about 10 of the biggest disses, scandals, and rumors surrounding Matt and Amy Roloff’s “rebellious youngest son” in a recent exclusive article.

Despite fans saying they don’t want Jacob Roloff spreading his anti-religious views on social media, he’s managed to keep a loyal following on Twitter and Instagram.

A blog called Spirits Wander, that regularly keeps up with the Roloff family and Little People, Big World episodes, has a featured post that lists all of Jacob’s social media accounts “out of popular demand.”

The post called “Jacob Roloff Social Media Discussion” was published exactly five months ago because people are apparently interested in talking about the controversial social media activity of Jacob Roloff.

For the longest time, Jacob Roloff was known as “Propaganda” on Twitter with the username @ffoloR_bocaJ, which is his real name spelled backwards.

Fans of Jacob Roloff could simply go to search and type in “Jacob Roloff propaganda Twitter” and pull up his official and verified Twitter account.

Jacob Roloff joined Twitter over five years ago and now has thousands of followers and just as many tweets.

Recently Jacob’s loyal followers have noticed that he’s kept his Twitter username, @ffoloR_bocaJ, but changed his Twitter name from “Propaganda” to a series of letters written in the Chinese language.

Translated into English, Jacob Roloff’s new Twitter name spells “Jacobson.” The word “Jacobson” has several meanings in the urban dictionary, but Jacob Roloff may have had one specific definition in mind when he chose it for his new Twitter name.

Although not the top definition for Jacobson, “an insecure person with no thought or consideration for the feelings of others” is also tagged with #selfish, #inconsiderate, and #thoughtless.

Jacob Roloff has certainly been called “selfish,” especially when he accused his parents of cheating him out of Little People, Big World earnings on his Twitter account, with only two episodes left of Season 9 over a year ago, according to the Daily Mail.

A new report on Empty Lighthouse Magazine says that Jacob Roloff also now supports the late British philosopher Alan Watts, who is best known for Chinese philosophy and bringing Zen Buddhism to the Western culture.

Jacob’s following of Alan Watts could explain why he now writes in Chinese and shares several Chinese characters on his Instagram account.

Social media followers are supportive of Jacob Roloff sharing his newfound philosophy and spirituality and are even thanking him for his wisdom, although some followers continue to criticize Jacob for mixing his liberal political views with religion, saying that he should at least give President-elect Donald Trump a chance.

“Until you give him a chance you will never know.”

“Alan Watts was essentially The Godfather of the Summer of Love,” wrote Jacob Roloff on Instagram. Jacob continues with, “I don’t see it as a coincidence that the year Donald Trump will be President, 2017, will also be the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.”

“Alan Watts is being called up to bat again, seemingly by fate, to inspire another generation of dissatisfied youth into making life less dreary and more divine.”

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]

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