Tom Schwartz On Mike Shay’s Divorce: Was This All Scheana Shay’s Decision?

Tom Schwartz doesn’t seem like the kind of person who likes to get involved in other people’s personal relationships or drama, especially since he doesn’t like it when people offer up their opinions about his relationship. So when Tom learned about Scheana Shay’s decision to file for divorce from her husband, Mike Shay, he was surprised. Even though his wife, Katie Maloney, isn’t best friends with Scheana, Schwartz reveals that they had no idea that they were thinking about a divorce.

Now, Tom Schwartz is sharing his thoughts about the divorce, and Tom could be hinting that Mike didn’t have a say in the divorce. It is interesting that Tom is the one speaking out about the split rather than Katie Maloney, as Katie is closer to the woman who filed for divorce.

According to a new Bravo report, Tom Schwartz recently revealed that he had no idea that Mike and Scheana were thinking about a divorce. While Schwartz may see more of Scheana because of Katie’s friendship with her, he reveals that Mike was often “off doing his own thing” and that “it seems like Shay’s doing well.”

It seems like an odd statement to make, since Mike has been accused of disappearing from Los Angeles shortly after a close friend died. There have been rumors that he had relapsed and emptied out the couple’s bank account, but Scheana hasn’t said anything about these rumors, and Tom Schwartz may not say anything out of respect for his friends. As it turns out, Schwartz may not know anything about their relationship behind closed doors. Katie Maloney also stayed quiet during a recent interview with Andy Cohen about the split. It’s possible that Maloney knows more about the breakup that she’s dishing out as Maloney wants to respect her friend.

Katie Maloney also revealed that she knew nothing about the couple’s problems, but pointed out that both Shay and Scheana would be just fine once time had passed. It is possible that Katie is lying about not knowing anything. Maloney may want her friend to share the news herself, as her problems could start airing on Vanderpump Rules. Tom is convinced that his friend will be just fine once he takes some time to himself and mourns the failure of his marriage. They were married in the summer of 2014 and stayed together for two years before the news of the split was shared last week. And Katie Maloney is surprised that things went sour so quickly, as she herself recently got married after being together with Tom for as long as the now-estranged couple.

“I think it takes time to get used to not being [together],” Katie revealed about her friend’s divorce decision, adding, “Just like in any breakup, not necessarily that there’s bitterness, but it just takes some time to sort of adapt to the new way things are. I mean, I can’t imagine — they’ve been together as long as me and Tom have.”

When the news of the split hit the internet, Scheana had shared a message on behalf of the couple. But she also asked for privacy during this rough time. It’s possible that Katie Maloney reached out to her friend to offer support. However, Mike stayed silent, and Tom Schwartz had no idea what was going on. While Shay was sharing music links and tweets, he only had one post about his marriage. And it sounds like Schwartz is respecting his privacy.

“I am not missing. I am sober. I am Happy!!! Don’t believe everything you read. I love my wife and will always love my wife. Whatever is going on between us will stay between us! I love my family and my family loves me and a lot of things have been said out is protection and anger by many people. I just ready for the next chapter in my life,” Mike previously revealed on Instagram as the rumors surfaced about him being missing about a month ago.

This post was written about three weeks before he learned that his wife was filing for divorce. At that time, he was spending some time away from Los Angeles, and it was clear that he loved his wife very much. It sounds like the split was far from his mind at this point in time, which could hint that Scheana pulled the plug on the marriage. This isn’t the first time that he has left her alone in Los Angeles when things got rough for him, and maybe she is tired of not being the person he can rely on when things get tough for him. Schwartz was there for them when Scheana’s husband disappeared once before.

Surprisingly, people have plenty of theories as to why the split is happening, even though Tom Schwartz and Katie are supportive of their decision. Fans of the show have pointed out that Mike looks high on various Instagram photos, and he has lost weight from previous appearances on Vanderpump Rules.

What do you think of Tom Schwartz’s comments about Mike Shay doing his own thing these days? Are you surprised that Shay spoke out about the divorce, saying that he still loves his wife very much?

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