‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Meri And Janelle Try To Bond While Mykelti Rushes To Get Married

The latest Sister Wives spoilers that are leaking from the set of the hit TLC show suggest that there will be nothing but drama in the coming episodes. As Meri and Janelle — always at odds — try, and fail, to bond, Mykelti is rushing to get married so she can finally have sex with her husband. And where’s Kody in all this? Why, in the midst of the drama, of course!

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Sister Wives spoilers.

First, according to the latest Sister Wives spoilers from the Independent Journal Review, Meri — who is legally Kody’s first wife whom he divorced so he could marry Robyn and adopt her children — and Janelle are trying to bond and are failing miserably. They actually went so far as to have a therapy session to try to fix their toxic relationship, which went about as well as you think it would go, especially when the therapist suggested that the two women go away together to try to get to know one another better.

Janelle had plenty to say about this suggestion, and none of her comments were positive.

“The idea of going away on a camping trip for a couple of days, it’s emotionally terrifying to me to because we don’t even ride in the same car when we come [to therapy]. That’s just way too exposed — way too uncomfortable.”

Meri wasn’t exactly in love with the idea, either.

“I think Janelle and I would enjoy camping, but it’s so far out of the boxes we’ve created for ourselves. We’re not quite ready for that yet.”

Meanwhile, according to the latest Sister Wives spoilers from Starcasm, Mykelti Brown is reportedly rushing her marriage to her boyfriend, Tony Padron, because they have a “chaste” relationship. And this comment came from none other than Kody Brown — who, we’ll repeat, is the father of the soon-to-be bride — who admitted that it’s difficult to keep your pants on when you’re young and in love.

“It’s like the big pink elephant in the room. Why would you get married so fast instead of taking time to do it? It’s because they’re having a chaste courtship. You know it’s not easy, you start to twitch.”

But this bit of news of the young pair rushing to the altar isn’t exactly making Christine Brown — who is Mykelti’s mother — a happy woman, as the latest Sister Wives spoilers from Hollywood Life confirm.

Christine’s concerns for her daughter are, in fact, a bit more practical than Kody’s concerns. Christine, in fact, stated that the two didn’t know each other well at the time — they’ve only been dating for five months — and should really take their time to get to know each other before considering getting married.

Furthermore, Christine points out that Mykelti may be in a rush to get married so quickly because she just saw Maddie get married not long ago.

“Mykelti is really holding firm to wanting to get married in August and I just told her you know, ‘August is really soon after Maddie’s wedding.’ In my realistic mind, do I really think that Mykelti and Tony would elope? Yeah. I know she’s really frustrated that no one’s been excited for her, she hasn’t had the reaction she was looking for and no, it’s not going to be that special of a wedding if we have two months to plan it.”

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