On The Anniversary Of Natalie Wood’s Death, Robert Wagner Speaks Out

It has now been 35 years since Natalie Wood drowned in the dark water off of Catalina Island, but the mystery of what exactly happened still makes headlines. It occurred during Thanksgiving weekend in 1981, but the news of Natalie Wood’s death report still seems like yesterday. In addition to Wood, on the boat was her husband, Robert Wagner, actor Christopher Walken, and the boat’s captain. But even 35 years later, so many questions of what happened that night on the Splendour still loom.

All of the other players in the drama that surrounded the Natalie Wood death story are still alive, and at least one of Wood’s family members still has questions for Robert Wagner, says the Inquisitr. Natalie Wood’s sister, Lana Wood, was recently caught on tape asking Wagner what else he isn’t saying about the night of her sister’s death. But if Lana Wood still has any suspicions about Natalie Wood’s death, Wood’s daughter, Natasha Gregson, is giving her full support to her stepfather, Robert Wagner.

For the 35th anniversary of Natalie Wood’s death, the Washington Post ran Wood’s obituary again and shared some bittersweet memories, and reading it, the Natalie Wood death report seems like it just happened. Wood’s death came as a shock, as she was 43 and still in the spotlight when she drowned.

Natalie Wood went out that night on her boat, the Splendour, with her husband and then-co-star Christopher Walken. There was reported to have been some heavy drinking and then a fight, but it is still unclear how she ended up in the water wearing a down vest, as she didn’t swim and had a fear of drowning.


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And now, all these years later, the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has changed Wood’s cause of death from “accidental” to “undetermined,” which is rehashing Natalie Wood’s last evening alive for her family and friends, who have never found complete peace. Tom Shales wrote a fitting obituary for Wood, saying the one upside, if there could be one, of dying so young is that the picture in everyone’s mind is still young and beautiful.

“She stayed beautiful, she stayed gorgeous; she was never anything so minimal as merely a sex symbol, and yet it would be hard to sustain the contention that she was a great actress. Like others who make mysteriously indelible impressions on the mind and dream-life of the mass audience, she was a great movie star — on occasion, a scintillating presence, and Hollywood royalty for the first rock ‘n’ roll generation.”

Of the death of Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner says that it is always with him, reports Us Weekly. In his book, I Loved Her in the Movies: Memories of Hollywood’s Legendary Actresses, Robert Wagner writes that when Natalie Wood died, part of him went with her.

“When Natalie died, I thought my life was over.”

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner were married twice and had a daughter together, Courtney.

“It’s always with you. It was a tremendous loss for all of us. We have our memories, and that’s the most important.”

Wagner shares that being able to remember the good things makes it easier to cope with the death of Natalie Wood, who is survived by her daughters, Natasha Gregson and Courtney Wagner, as well as husband Robert Wagner and sister Lana Wood.

Do you think the details surrounding the Natalie Wood death story will ever be uncovered?

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