Phaedra Parks On Bomb Threat: ‘I Immediately Began To Strategize’

Phaedra Parks is learning what it means to be a famous reality star, as she has been filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta for years. Parks was shocked when she learned that her office had received a bomb threat on Sunday’s episode of the show. It was already a packed episode for Parks, who was speaking at a DNC convention because of her work with the youth and she was visiting her estranged husband, Apollo Nida, in prison to encourage him to sign the divorce papers. So it was shocking when she had to deal with a bomb threat from another state, especially since her mother and her children were in Atlanta.

According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks explains how she felt before she learned about the bomb threat in her newest Bravo blog. Before Phaedra learned about the bomb threat, Parks was speaking at a DNC conference, where she got to talk about how she wants the community to come together to protect the African American youth. At that time, there had been another senseless shooting and she wanted things to change.

It was a powerful message on Sunday’s episode, as Sheree Whitfield’s son had been arrested for driving under the influence and thrown in jail during the same episode.

“Being invited to participate and speak at the DNC was an honor and privilege. Politics has always been a second love of mine. I enjoy the energy of advocacy and being a part of processes which impact policy, communities, and ultimately lives and legacies. The energy was incredibly exhilarating! As I motivated and encouraged others, I was equally motivated, encouraged, and energized,” Phaedra Parks explains in her Bravo blog, sharing it was a great trip until she got the phone call about the bomb threat a day later.

It seems like the news of the bomb threat spread quickly, as it was on the news in Atlanta. Kandi Burruss’ friend Carmen called Burruss with the news, as she was spending time with Kenya Moore and some friends. Surprisingly, none of the ladies reached out to Phaedra Parks to see if she was alright.

“When I received the call regarding the bomb threat, I was terrified and felt hopeless because I was so far from home. Everybody knows my first priority is not only to protect my children and family but also my employees. I immediately began to strategize how I could best do that from another state. I was thankful that my mother was with my sons and LaToya, my office manager, was calm and collected,” Phaedra Parks explains about the bomb threat, revealing that she was thinking about how to keep everyone safe from another state.

When Parks learned of the news, she was parked outside of the Fort Dix facility, where her husband has been spending parts of his sentence. Phaedra was going to visit him for the second time, so they could discuss their divorce. Phaedra just wanted him to sign the documents, but he was holding back.

“Divorce discussions are never comfortable and this one was no exception. Although the bomb threat was looming, I did not want to cancel the visit so I met with him in hopes of resolving any unsettled issues,” Phaedra Parks explains in her blog for Bravo.

What did you think when you learned about the bomb threat? Are you surprised that none of the housewives reached out to Phaedra Parks after learning about the guy who wanted to blow up Parks’ office?

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