New ‘General Hospital’ Promo Teases Many Stories Yet To be Told And Lots Of Steaminess To Heat Up Your Winter [Spoilers]

It’s going to be one hot winter coming up on ABC’s General Hospital, and there is a steamy video to prove it. Get ready for plenty of romance, intrigue, and yes, those infamous love triangles that are just so irresistible in the world of soaps. A brand new promo has been released that gives a little insight into what to expect over the next few weeks. All the romance is bound to warm up the coldest of seasons.

The exclusive clip that was posted by TV Line revealed some of the hottest couples in daytime whose stories have yet to be told. The video gives just a slight hint of what is to come during the long, cold winter months as JoJo’s “Mad Love” is heard as the background music. While it looks like some of the couples will be heating things up soon, others may end up cooling off for a bit.

General Hospital fans have been waiting for the pairing of Dillon and Kiki to happen, and while they have almost decided to give their relationship a chance, something always seems to get in the way. Now that Morgan has died, Dillon has been trying to just be a friend to Kiki, but it is obvious that he wants more. Will she cave in and give Dillon a chance? The clip definitely teases that these two are headed for a little winter romance.

Sonny and Carly have been living apart since Morgan’s death, but Carly is finally teaming up with her mobster husband in order to keep Avery away from Ava Jerome. However, that doesn’t mean that these two will instantly get back together. As the video reveals, their love story can be quite complicated. Carly hates all of the violence in Sonny’s life, but she just can’t seem to stay away for long. Now that Nelle has come into the picture, it seems that everything has changed. Will this whole thing bring them back together or tear them apart for good?

Speaking of Nelle, it is obvious that she and Michael Corinthos are getting closer than ever, and this comes right after she made his dad think that they had slept together. What is her game? It looks like Nelle is out to destroy the men in Carly’s life. From the looks of what is coming up soon on General Hospital, Michael will be sucked into Nelle’s web of lies and deceit.

Maxie and Nathan have put their wedding plans on hold for far too long, but it looks like they are more than ready to take the plunge sometime this winter. Will they have a Christmas wedding or will something else prevent their happy ending? According to the General Hospital promo, their love story is meant to last forever. But then again, forever has a different meaning in soap land.

Many viewers are a bit frustrated when it comes to Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford as she doesn’t seem to be very good at catching the bad guys in Port Charles. This can also be applied to her love life, but she may soon have her choice of two hunky men who will be vying for her attention. General Hospital reveals that Jordan’s story might just get a little twisted. What does that mean? Curtis might be making a move for Jordan, but Andre will have something to say about that. Maybe Andre has a dark side that has yet to be revealed.

Then there is the complicated coupling of Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber. While it looked like this duo may have been moving forward, they are now taking a few steps back with the arrival of Liz’s rapist; Tom Baker. According to future spoilers coming from Soap Central, Franco and Tom will have yet another confrontation, and it might not end well. There is a rumor floating around that Tom Baker will be murdered, and Franco is the prime suspect. This is exactly what Liz had feared would happen.

Another complication may come from a different source as well. His name is Dr. Griffin Munro, and he is seen in the promo standing in the background as Franco and Elizabeth are all lovey-dovey with each other. Unfortunately, General Hospital says that Franco’s story will end up being a disaster. It sounds like he may end up in jail, and that could lead to Liz growing closer to Griffin.

Romance, heartbreak, and a few love triangles mixed in will be heating things up soon on General Hospital. Which couple are you rooting for?

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