WWE News: Future Plans For Randy Orton And The Wyatt Family Revealed

When Randy Orton first joined The Wyatt Family a few months back, the WWE Universe naturally assumed it was a strategy by The Viper to strike from within the group during the rivalry with Bray Wyatt. However, the past several weeks have proven WWE creative is running with Orton as a member of The Wyatt Family heading into 2017. He may not have a huge beard or dress much differently, but Randy Orton is a Wyatt.

It’s been something fresh for his character, but it’s given the Wyatts a new edge that it hasn’t had before on WWE television. As dominant as Bray Wyatt and the stable has been in WWE over the past three years, Luke Harper is the only one to win a singles title, and the group has consistently lost momentum after losing big matches. Adding Randy Orton has provided a great deal of prestige and experience to The Wyatt Family.

Since Orton’s alignment with Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt, the trio of men have been very successful on SmackDown and were the only survivors during the Raw versus SmackDown tag team elimination match at WWE Survivor Series. At WWE TLC on Sunday night, the trio defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno took the SmackDown Tag Team titles and gave The Wyatt Family their first taste of WWE gold after three years.

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WWE creative is currently giving The Wyatt Family the biggest push the stable has had on WWE television in quite some time. The inclusion of Randy Orton has given Bray Wyatt his first WWE title, but the fans are questioning if the company will use “The Freebird Rule” for all three Wyatt Family members to be able to defend the SmackDown Tag Team titles just as The New Day have on WWE TV for the past two years.

According to a recent report, The Wyatt Family will be defending the SmackDown Tag Team Championship using “The Freebird Rule.” On WWE television, that will make The Wyatts harder to defeat because they can consistently change up their members depending on their opponents, which leads WWE creative to the next big question. Who will be challenging The Wyatt Family for the SmackDown Tag Team titles first?

The WWE Royal Rumble isn’t until the end of January. A lot can happen on SmackDown by then, so WWE creative obviously has a plan for The Wyatt Family heading into next year. Logically, Slater and Rhyno will have a rematch against the Wyatts to reclaim the titles on WWE television soon, but WWE officials have bigger plans for their tag team title reign heading into the WWE Royal Rumble PPV next month.

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According to a new report, WWE officials are planning for Heath Slater and Rhyno to receive their rematch against The Wyatt Family, but it’ll most likely happen during an upcoming episode of SmackDown before the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. The team of Slater and Rhyno was always going to be a short-term payoff, so WWE is thinking bigger for The Wyatt Family’s first feud as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Apparently, WWE won’t hold back any longer on American Alpha going after the tag team titles. Coming out of WWE TLC, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are expected to challenge Orton and The Wyatt Family as soon as Slater and Rhyno have had their rematch on WWE television.

That is the reason why Gable and Jordan went over on the pre-show before the PPV on Sunday. WWE is preparing American Alpha for The Wyatts on SmackDown. It’s unknown who would win or how long it would last, but the expectation is the first match of their feud will be at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV and would likely continue on “The Road to Wrestlemania.”

Down the line, Randy Orton could be facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33, so the feud with American Alpha will be a way to build The Wyatt Family to that level. Or, WWE could book Chad Gable and Jason Jordan to win the SmackDown Tag Team titles, which we all known is imminent. Either way, WWE will be booking both teams strongly, and The Wyatt Family holding the titles is just the beginning of their success.

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