Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise Are Happier Than Ever Thanks In Part To Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes and Suri are having the time of their lives since the former’s divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012, according to an insider for Hollywood Life. Could it be because of Katie’s much talked about secret romance with actor Jamie Foxx? Maybe so, but that’s just a piece of the whole pie. A big part of their new-found happiness can be attributed to the mother-daughter relationship Suri and Katie have cultivated through the years.

It’s no secret that Katie’s life with Tom Cruise had been difficult, specifically because of the Top Gun actor’s affiliation with Scientology. The days following the divorce have been a dark time as well for Katie and Suri, as is the case with many divorced families. As if being a single mother isn’t difficult enough, Holmes had to face the difficulties of always being in the spotlight. Still, Holmes has taught herself not be affected by the media attention, and she couldn’t be happier as a result.

“Katie’s life now, compared to back then, is like night and day — and she is SO much happier!” an insider told Hollywood Life. “She has vowed never to allow her life to be lived under the media spotlight again, and Jamie is very happy with the way things are too.”

And Katie Holmes’ main source of happiness? It’s Suri Cruise, of course. According to multiple sources, Katie and Suri’s relationship is stronger than ever.

“Katie’s priority in life is Suri, if Suri is happy, so is she — and Suri is flourishing,” said the source. “Suri loves Jamie, she loves living a simple, regular life, and she and Katie are super super close.”

Katie Holmes, who will be having her directorial debut with the film All We Had, said in a New York Times interview that Suri was the inspiration behind the film.

“It was my first film, and I want her to always know that she’s the inspiration behind everything, and so hopefully it means something as she gets older. Just to let her know how important she is,” Holmes said.

Katie shared her thoughts on motherhood and her experiences being a mother to Suri in the same interview.

“I try to make our world very much an environment that’s just all about being a kid without too much of Hollywood coming into that. And I just enjoy it. Honestly I think that there are so many books and opinions about how to be a great mom, and you have good days and bad days, and sometimes you do great and sometimes you could have done better. But I have to say I’m really enjoying having a 10-year-old. She’s a remarkable person.”

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise watching a basketball game back in 2014.
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With Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise’s lives turning out for the better since the Tom Cruise divorce, fans have been wondering if Jamie Foxx will become a part of the family any time soon.

Holmes and Foxx’s relationship has been an open secret for years now, and for a while it was speculated that the two are secretly married, a rumor that has bee recently debunked. But still, it begs the question, are wedding bells on the horizon for the couple?

It turns out, according to a source, that Katie is in no hurry to make things official between herself and Foxx. And we can’t really blame her considering what she had to endure from the media after she started dating Tom Cruise many years ago. For now, “she’s very happy to keep things on the DL,” the source said.

“Katie loves Jamie for so many reasons — he’s handsome, smart, funny and caring,” another source claimed. “As if that wasn’t enough he’s also so sweet to her, telling her how gorgeous she is constantly. He treats her like the most beautiful woman in the world. Jamie makes Katie feel incredibly sexy… It’s the most special romantic relationship Katie’s ever had.”

That’s sweet. But the most important thing is that Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are happier than ever, and that’s enough for now.

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