December Free Games For PlayStation Plus Members Available Starting Today

PlayStation Plus members looking forward to more free games can start downloading this month’s $0 titles as early as today, December 6. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, a total of six free games should be available early in the morning in Europe while North American gamers can start downloading them around 8 a.m. PT or 11 a.m. ET, accessible via the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

This month’s set of free games for the PS Plus members includes Invisible, Inc. and Stories: The Path of Destinies, both playable on the PS4 console. The former is a turn-based tactics and stealth video game developed and published by Klei Entertainment and described by GameSpot as “tense and challenging” but also “simple, elegant, and always logical.”

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Meanwhile, the latter is a PS4 action role-playing video game from Spearhead Games.

“A different take on the choose-your-own-adventure genre, Stories is a fantastic breath of fresh air,” according to GameGrin’s review for Stories: The Path of Destinies. “Though environments will soon become repetitive alongside the general gameplay, there’s no reason why this can’t become a series of its own.”

Also included in the list of December free games for PS Plus members is the 644MB-heavy Hyper Void, available not only on PlayStation 4 but also for PS3 and PS Vita. Released last year, it is a classic space shooter with modern VR graphics jumping “the player through stellar wormholes packed with high-action experience,” the description on its official website noted.

Another free game available on PS4, PS Vita, and PS3 is Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, a bite-sized arcade shooter where players take control of their little troopers as they fight evil around the world. The PlayStation page for Plunge Interactive’s title described its gameplay.

“Collect medals, dog tags and Intel during the course of each mission to ensure victory is secured. With over 7 hours of gun toting explosive gameplay, Tiny Troopers is miniature warfare on a massive scale!”

Color Guardians is free this December as well for the PS4 and PS Vita owners with an active PlayStation Plus membership. Here’s the game trailer for the action side-scrolling game that first hit the shelves in May 2015.

Lastly, PS Vita users can also enjoy a free download for VVVVVV, a creation from Terry Cavanagh where gamers are on a mission to “find five crew members, 20 hard-to-reach Trinkets and save a dimension on the brink of destruction,” its product page on the PlayStation Store read.

Here are some Twitter reactions we found online about the December lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus members.

As for the competition’s free offering for December, Microsoft is making Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition free for Xbox One owners with Xbox Live subscriptions for the whole month. The biggest game on the list, Xbox Live Gold members can save as much as $30 if they will take advantage of this free Xbox One title.

The remastered “definitive edition” of the critically-acclaimed 2012 open-world video game released for PS4, Xbox One and PC shows a “noticeable visual improvement over their predecessors,” according to Kotaku, adding that it “has fog everywhere, improved character models and lighting effects, and much more ‘action’ going on in the game’s open world.” Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton also added the following.

“There are more cars on the street and more people walking around the sidewalks and markets. It’s all cosmetic, but taken together it makes the game feel richer and more atmospheric.”

Outlast, Red Barrels’ first-person survival horror title originally priced at $20 is also one of the free games scheduled for December, but take note that its zero-dollar price tag will only be active from December 16 to January 15, according to an earlier Inquisitr report.

Xbox 360 owners, on the other hand, can download platformer game from Ubisoft called Outland. It is typically available for $10, but it has been free since the beginning of the month and will continue to be until December 15. During the second half of the month, Xbox 360 gamers can opt to download a free copy of Burnout Paradise.

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