Kim Kardashian Allegedly Blames Herself For Kanye West’s Medical Condition

Kim Kardashian is not happy with herself because she feels that she is to blame for her husband Kanye West’s condition.

Kim feels that she should have done something to prevent Mr. West’s condition from escalating. Kanye is now out of hospital but his wife has reportedly been blaming herself for not taking action sooner. If the reports are true, then it suggests that Kim might have noted that something was wrong, long before Kanye was hospitalized. She believes that how she handled the Paris incident might have added on to her husband’s stress.

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“Kim is really beating herself up over Kanye’s condition. She can’t help but blame herself for his situation. She just feels that is she could have gotten him help sooner or not have been so rattled after Paris maybe Kanye wouldn’t be in this place,” a source familiar with the matter revealed.

The source further pointed out that Kim wishes she would have put in more effort so that she could save him from himself. She is aware that the situation is about Kanye though she cannot help but think that maybe not being too shaken by the Paris robbery would have prevented Kanye from suffering the mental breakdown. The past few months have been quite tough on the Kardashian-West family. Ever since Kim was robbed in Paris, things seemed to have taken a downward turn. Amid all the crazy, the media has been making reports suggesting that Kim and Kanye are headed for divorce.

Kim has also avoided social media since her Paris incident and Kanye’s hospitalization most likely means she will take a while longer before coming back to social media. The Kardashian-West family has been under constant scrutiny from people on social sites, which is why it makes sense that Kim decided to take a break from all of it. Despite the negative criticism, a lot of people have empathized with the family. Kim and Kanye have also been getting a lot of support from other celebrities including John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen.

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One of the sources revealed that Legend and Teigen have offered a lot of support to Kim and Kanye. They are always ready to offer their advice and take calls from Kim or Kanye. They are also eager to see West making a full recovery. They have been very good to Kim and are always looking out for her. Though it has been a tough season for the Kardashian-West family, things seem to be cooling down.

Kanye’s doctor advised him to get a lot of rest and he already canceled his remaining tours so his schedule is now free. Kim has also cleared her schedule and this will give the couple a lot of time to spend together with their children. This is also good for their relationship because they have not been spending enough time together due to their busy work life. It is thus a much-deserved opportunity for them to have some family time together. This will also help relieve Kanye’s stress and it should also bring the couple closer emotionally.

“We hear they’re planning to call off the rest of their engagements until 2017 to spend time with kids, North and Saint,” reported Page Six.

Kanye has always made it clear how much he loves his family. During an interview with E! News, Kanye was asked about it and he replied saying that he loves his children more than anything in the world. He also loves Kim very much and has always supported her. Kim also feels the same way about Kanye and that is why she felt as if she was to blame or that she could have done something to help Kanye before the situation got worse.

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