Robert Pattison And Kristen Stewart Nuzzling In Public

Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart, the Twilight duo, were found publicly nuzzling in a Los Angeles venue, TMZreports.

Sources toldWonderwall that Pattison and Stewart seemed very affectionate:

“They were tenderly affectionate. I didn’t see them kiss, but they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. He was very attentive, and she looked smitten.”

The sighting was the first of the duo since they returned from separate appearances for Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

According to Wonderwall, Pattison’s friends had advised the actor to keep the actress out of his life besides for professional reasons, after Stewart’s affair with married Rupert Sanders.

But according to a confidant who had spoken with People, Rob couldn’t keep Kristen out of his life:

“Rob was blinded by love and realized that Kristen’s mistake wasn’t something that should keep him from who he truly thinks he should end up with.”

The couple is still resolving their ‘trust issues,’ Peoplereported. It seems as though Pattison has forgiven Stewart for her rendezvous with Sanders from three months ago but their relationship is still a work in progress.

A source told People the couple is still healing but that Kristen will do whatever it takes to repair their relationship.

The couple enjoyed a very intimate Prince concert at the Sayers Club in Hollywood, where reportedly the couple seemed to be very comfortable with one another.

An onlooker at the concert told People the couple was very affectionate with one another:

“He was behind her – holding her around her hips. They were sweetly affectionate and tender. They stood the entire show and loved every second.”

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is set to premiere on Nov. 12.

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