‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Cast: List Of Nick Viall’s Contestants Revealed

The Bachelor 2017 cast list has 30 women competing for love on Nick Viall’s season. The standard practice of featuring 25 contestants on the show is increasingly being phased out. Leads must have a vast selection if there’s any hope they’ll find true love on the show, after all!

ABC just released the official cast lineup for Nick Viall’s season. Last names of The Bachelor contestants originated from Reality Steve.

So, who are the women added to The Bachelor 2017 cast list? One of the more unusual professions is a woman who works as a dolphin trainer. Generally speaking, animal lovers have a lot of compassion, a trait that is admired by most. The real test on The Bachelor will be to see how long this contestant sticks around on the show.

Take a look at what The Bachelor 2017 cast list looks like. There’s going to be a number of women way younger than Nick, which was to be expected. Nick is 36-years-old and the oldest contestants are only 30 and 31.

  • Lacey Mark, 25, New York, New York (digital marketing manager)
  • Briana Guertler, 28, Salt Lake City, Utah (nurse)
  • Jaimi King, 28, New Orleans, Louisiana (chef)
  • Hailey Merkt, 23, photographer, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Josephine Tutman, 24, Santa Cruz, California (unemployed nurse)


  • Astrid Loch, 26, Tampa, Florida (office manager)
  • Alexis Waters, 23, Secaucus, New Jersey (dolphin trainer)
  • Kristina Schulman, 24, Lexington, Kentucky (dental hygienist)
  • Michelle Ramkissoon, 24, Los Angeles, California (food truck owner)
  • Elizabeth Whitelaw, 24, Dallas, Texas (marketing manager)


  • Whitney Fransway, 25, Chanhassen, Minnesota (pilates instructor)
  • Lauren Hussey, 30, Naples, Florida (law school graduate)
  • Elizabeth Sandoz, 29, Las Vegas, Nevada (doula)
  • Dominique Alexis, 25, Los Angeles, California (waitress)
  • Taylor Nolan, 23, Seattle, Washington (mental health counselor)
  • Jasmine Goode, 29, San Francisco, California (dancer)


  • Raven Gates, 25, Hoxie, Arkansas (boutique owner)
  • Olivia Burnette, 25, Nashville, Tennessee (sales rep)
  • Danielle Maltby, 31, Nashville, Tennessee (nurse)
  • Susannah Milan, 26, San Diego, California (account manager)
  • Danielle Lombard, 27, Los Angeles, California (small business owner)
  • Jasmine Brown, 25, Tacoma, Washington (flight attendant)
  • Rachel Lindsay, 31, Dallas, Texas (attorney)


  • Brittany Farrar, 26, Santa Monica, California (nurse)
  • Christen Whitney, 25, Tulsa, Oklahoma (dance instructor/videographer)
  • Sarah Vendal, 26 Newport Beach, California (teacher)
  • Angela Amezcua, 26, Greenville, South Carolina (model)
  • Ida Marie DeLosSantos, 23, Harlingen, Texas (sales manager)
  • Corinne Olympios, 24, Miami, Florida (business owner)
  • Vanessa Grimaldi, 29, Montreal, Canada (teacher)

That’s the complete cast list for The Bachelor 2017. Fans have waited months to learn who’s competing for Nick’s heart and now they can commit them to memory before the show airs.

Several contestants come from the same state, with many from Texas and California; two live in Tennessee and Florida. There tends to be a longstanding tradition with some cast members sharing the same first name. This time around there’s going to be two women with the names Danielle, Jasmine, and Elizabeth. As if it’s not confusing enough to keep all of those names and faces straight, there’s multiples!

A number of spoilers for Season 21 have already been spilled by Steve. If fans want to get a jump ahead on how everything ends up for Nick, be sure to read about that here.

The episode-by-episode spoilers for The Bachelor are coming out shortly. Historically, most of the details are leaked around the holiday season. Soon thereafter comes a spate of tabloid stories about the cast and their sordid pasts.

The Bachelor 2017 cast will travel domestically before heading to the Caribbean, returning to mainland U.S.A for hometowns, then proceed to Finland for overnights and the finale episode. The drama and suspense viewers have come to expect will be ever-present in Nick Viall’s season of the show. Will he find love the fourth time around?

The Bachelor 2017 premieres on Monday, January 2 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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