Jackson 5 Animated Series Coming To DVD And Blu-Ray

Are you ready to get your dancing machine on? If you’re a fan of the Jackson 5 it looks like you can relive their cartoon glory again. It’s been announced that the 1971 Saturday morning cartoon featuring the fictionalized accounts of young Michael Jackson’s time with his brothers is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray.

Titled The Jackson 5ive, the series went on to show wacky Scooby-Doo like hi-jinks and colorful musical montages complete with 70s emblematic bell bottoms and flower powers. The series ran from 1971 to 1973 and was syndicated in the 80s when Michael Jackson’s career hit an all-time high during his solo career.

In the late 80s, the younger Jackson wrote in his 1988 autobiography about the show, “It was so much fun to get up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and look forward to seeing ourselves on the screen. It was like a fantasy come true for all of us.”

Now that it’s a full 41 years later after its original release, the production company, Classic Media, is releasing the series The Jackson 5ive: The Complete Series on DVD and Blu-Ray with a release date of January 15, 2013. Sounds like a great post holiday gift for any MJ fan.

The DVD set will include 23 episodes in full and the retail price is said to be $32.99 dollars. For the Blu-ray version you’ll have to shell out a little extra as the price is slated at $39.00 dollars.

Currently there’s no other additional details about the DVD set but hopefully you can look forward to some great bonus features or at least some commentary tracks.

Will you be buying the Jackson 5ive DVD set?

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