Khloe Kardashian’s Back Has Fewer Moles Now And Body Hair Treatment Leaves Khloe ‘Clean And Bald’

Khloe Kardashian is taking it all off – all her body hair, freckles and moles that is. Kardashian, 32, “got a hair removal treatment” to strip off all the unwanted body hair, then followed that up with a beauty appointment on Sunday to get rid of some moles. Khloe shared it all on Snapchat, and she even invited her fans to come in with her when she got the freckles and moles removed from her neck.

Turns out the gorgeous Khloe was feeling “insecure” about her back and decided to go all the way with the special mole-removal and beauty treatments. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star let her followers watch every detail as she lay “perfectly still” for the beauticians as they “worked their magic on her bare neck.”

“Nurse Jamie is burning off my moles, one by one,” exclaimed Kardashian part way through the process.

“So one day I’m gonna be freckle and mole free!”

Moles haven’t always been considered ugly or a detraction to beauty. In the 18th century, fashion-conscious people actually added black silk patches to their faces to make it look as if they had moles. According to a Bustle entry, “beauty marks add more characteristics” to a person’s appearance, and many famous, beautiful people have “flaunted” their moles. Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, and Robert DeNiro all had moles, and of course, “the most important beauty mark of all time” was a mole on the face of the iconic 20th Century sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe.

But beauty marks or not, Kardashian wanted to get rid of them and she bravely stuck to it, “neither flinching nor reacting as the specialist zapped away the beauty marks.”

The Daily Mail reports that some of Khloe’s fans were less than happy with her decision to have moles removed from her back.

Twitter user Nikki Lopez tweeted that she liked Khloe’s moles.

But Khloe didn’t agree. She doesn’t mind some moles on her back and body, but she felt super insecure about her back and wanted to reduce the number of moles. Kardashian did promise that she’d keep some moles, just not all the unwelcome dark spots.

“I promise I’ll still have some. But my back made me do insecure. I look like a Dalmatian lol just toning it down.”

Getting rid of the moles wasn’t enough for Khloe. It seems she was ready to do a clean sweep, and all her excess body hair went the way of the moles. For the hair removal, the youngest Kardashian sister didn’t invite her followers into the session to virtually watch. Instead, Strong Looks Better Naked author waited until it was over to send a teasing and “hilarious declaration” to her Snapchat friends about just where it was that she’d gotten rid of the hair

“Hair removal down for the day. I get to be all clean and bald. I love being bald (long pause) on my legs.”

Khloe has been looking totally fabulous lately, and “slaying” with her incredible figure and booty workouts. It’s hard to believe that back a couple of years ago, Kardashian wasn’t “proud of her body and how amazing she looks.” The way she looks now is as much due to her inner confidence as it is to her back breaking work getting fit. “Always remember, Happy hoes ain’t hatin and hatin hoes ain’t happy,” Khloe wrote with a pic shared to social media.

There’s a lot of speculation as to what exactly has inspired Kardashian’s latest flurry of awesome self-care. She’s clearly having a fantastic time with “her new man, Tristan Thompson, 25,” and Khloe might have decided to go the extra mile by clearing up her back blemishes to look good for Tristan.

What do you think? Is Khloe just excited about taking care of herself, or did she have the moles removed from her back to make her body even more attractive for Thompson?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation]

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