Jaden Smith Pukes His Way Through New ‘Fallen’ Music Video, And He’s Not Going To Be The New ‘Fresh Prince’ [Video]

After a summer of death hoaxes, Jaden Smith has been in the spotlight a lot less in recent weeks. But that doesn’t mean that the multi-talented 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith hasn’t been working on his career. Nor does it mean that his famous dad has been spared dealing with media questions about Jaden and his future career plans.

One of the projects on the Jaden Smith agenda appears to be something mysterious, enigmatically called “Syre” (Jaden’s middle name), and not much is known about it. The first glimpse of “Syre” came with the release of the “Fallen” music video, featuring (and created by) Jaden Smith. “Fallen” is Jaden’s new track, and according to the music video, it’s leading up to something called “Syre,” which is coming soon.

At least, that is, according to the tail end of the bizarre and slightly disturbing music video. A video in which Jaden Smith plays a character dubbed Syre in the credits. The song itself is pretty catchy and fairly mellow. However, as MTV reports, the “Fallen” video features Jaden Smith puking his way across an unnamed Old West ghost town. Jaden is attired in retro clothes, complete with high top sneakers, and spends a good portion of his performance hiding behind that hair.

At some points in the video, Jaden Smith is actually shown expelling a dark liquid from his mouth as he writhes (largely in time to the beat) on the ground. Other parts of the seemingly Westworld-inspired video feature Jaden appearing to channel Michael Jackson (and a little bit of Elaine from Seinfeld) as he grabs his crotch and dances convulsively while pantomiming the act of getting physically ill.

For a while now, Jaden Smith has been flooding Twitter with off-putting messages about throwing up. It looks like all of the talk of retching could have been related to the filming of his very odd new music video, a video where the act of puking was almost constantly juxtaposed against a backdrop of lingering Western sunsets and mining town clapboard buildings.

The lyrics of “Fallen” tell the tale of a new, strange love. Combined with Jaden Smith’s visual interpretation, they leave fans wondering if the song could have a deeper meaning, because Jaden is almost always about what’s beneath the surface.

“Spend some time with you
I might bend the rules
Cause I’m in love with you
You can see the truth
I will show you soon
Just meet me on the moon”

As HollyGozzip reports, young Jaden recently announced his split with his longtime girlfriend, the controversial Sarah Snyder. Could it be that the vomiting in the “Fallen” video was symbolic of Jaden Smith expelling the dark past?

According to the report, Jaden’s breakup announcement came in the form of tweeted images. Sarah is now reportedly dating a photographer named Gunner (real name Jonathan Noah Simmons). Over the summer, Gunner tweeted out a pic of himself appearing to be in bed with Snyder. While she was still dating Jaden.

She also recently got the letters “JNS” tattooed on her thigh and posted a pic to Instagram, apparently in homage to her new man.

It’s not a surprise that Jaden Smith might be working through some things in his new video. Not to mention, as MTV reports, Jaden even manages to make the act of (fake) puking look pretty cool.

There’s tons of speculation as to what Jaden Smith’s “Syre” project could be, but because it’s being touted in his new music video, it could mean that the release of the teen’s much-anticipated new album is finally on the horizon.

What’s definitely not on the horizon is a reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. As AV Club reports, Will Smith has repeatedly shot down the idea of reprising his role in the beloved (but long-canceled) sitcom. In fact, Will has been so adamant about not getting involved with the project ever again that he’s said that it will happen “when hell freezes over.”

Fans of the series have been unwilling to let their hopes die, though. And because Will Smith isn’t on board, they’ve set their collective sites on the next generation: Jaden Smith.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, at least according to Will. When the beloved superstar was hit up about the idea of Jaden becoming part of a new Fresh Prince cast, he reportedly shouted his angry answer to the media.

“Nooooo! Just leave that alone.”

Good thing for Jaden that he has plenty to keep himself busy with without jumping into his dad’s old roles. For example, Jaden Smith still has to satisfy the public’s “Syre” curiosity, and he might even have a few more fake pukes left in him.

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