Jax Taylor’s Twitter Proves He Can Be Caring Despite Being Behind Many Rumors

Jax Taylor has a bad reputation on Vanderpump Rules, and his co-stars are always thinking of him when they hear a brand new rumor about someone cheating or lying about their relationships. And even though this season of the show is only a few episodes in, he has already proven that he doesn’t hold back when he gets a great idea for a rumor.

Taylor made up a story that he had seen Kristen Doute go down on his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright after a drunken night out and he kept spreading the story even though it was about his own girlfriend. Some people thought that he was stupid for risking his relationship and Brittany even revealed that she would leave him if he continued to spread rumors about her. But it sounds like Taylor does have a sweet side to him – it’s just not when he’s filming the hit show that made him famous.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor showed his sweet and caring side after he experienced some horrible customer service. Apparently, he was flying from Los Angeles with American Airlines, and he saw how the service was when a girl had a heavy. Rather than showing her some customer service, the staff was apparently rude, and Jax Taylor felt that he had to use his platform to let people know that he was boycotting the airline.

“American Air NEVER again!! Most arrogant employees I have ever come across LAX to Philly. It’s shocking how they treat people. Ground, how they talk down to people is [unacceptable]. I will never fly this airline again,” Jax Taylor wrote on Twitter last night about his experience with American Air, adding, “Not only me, your company made a girl cry because she was 1 pound over weight charged her $100 she’s going home for holidays didn’t have $.”

No matter how stressed out people are or how much these workers don’t want to be at work, employees of an airline should not make people cry over a single pound of extra weight. While Taylor didn’t offer to pay for the extra pound so she could go home for Christmas, one person suggested that the airline should have offered her to remove a pound and put it in her carry-on bag instead.

“They should offer her the option of removing the weight. I work for Alaska and we always ask if they want to take it out first,” one person wrote to Jax, to which he replied, “Have some compassion either way have a heart, young girl who didn’t have a lot of money clearly was upset, yes they have laws, but come on.”

This isn’t the first time that a Vanderpump Rules star has complained about an airline representative being rude. And it surely won’t be the last time that one of these stars will go on a Twitter rant to prove a point. Jax Taylor was clearly disappointed with the treatment of the flying guest, and he wanted the airline to know what had happened. He even tagged the airline in his tweets. It sounds like he isn’t upset because he was treated a certain way because he is a celebrity, but he’s upset because of the way a representative made a girl cry over a heavy bag. And it’s awesome that he’s using his platform to call out such behavior, especially since he has thousands of followers.

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s sweet tweet, where he came to the defense of a woman who broke down because of the treatment of an airline representative?

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