Cynthia Bailey’s Ex Peter Thomas Responds To Criticism That He Told Her To Sell Marital Home

Was Peter Thomas wrong to tell Cynthia Bailey to sell their marital home? Peter doesn’t think so. After the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired on Sunday night, Peter posted a video of himself in which he defended his action.

Peter explained that he told Cynthia to sell their marital home because she would be happier starting a new life in a new house. As Peter pointed out, living in a home that holds memories of their marriage would be hard for Cynthia, especially when she moves on to another relationship. Peter added that he didn’t want the proceeds from the marital home but instead forfeited it so Cynthia could purchase something for herself. He maintained that despite people saying that he’s wrong, he’s right.

“I’m watching the Housewives show and it’s funny how some of ya’ll think. I think that me requesting Cynthia to move out of the house…to sell the house okay, keep the proceeds, move out of the house, because that was our memory, it’s the coolest thing in the world, cause I don’t want the money. I think it’s horrible for anybody to stay in the house that they used to live with somebody else and start a life with another person when they could easily sell the house and start a life in the new house with another person okay? I don’t think I’m wrong. I don’t care what ya’ll say. I know I’m not wrong [laughs].”

On the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Peter Thomas was shown visiting Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss at their new eatery, Old Lady Gang. When Kandi stepped out for a moment, Peter gave Todd some advice, telling him to be careful about how deep he gets into business with his wife. Peter, who started several businesses during his marriage to Cynthia Bailey, attributed stress from the businesses to the breakup of his marriage. He also seemingly put the blame on Cynthia.

“I guess our workload was too much for her. She’s not built the way I am. I love Cynthia…but after a while, people drift apart. She’s on her own track. I’m on my track.”

Peter further implied that Cynthia wasn’t supportive enough of him as his wife.

“Any time they’re not in sync with their support, there’s going to be turbulence.”

Meanwhile, Cynthia was shown looking for a new house with her daughter Noelle after being advised by Peter to sell the house they lived in. She ended up choosing a large million-dollar house by the lake.

In her blog post recapping the latest episode, Cynthia responded to Peter’s comments that she wasn’t supportive enough of him during their marriage. Cynthia pointed out that she moved for him, said that she did the best she could, and admitted that she’s disappointed by Peter’s opinion.

“I always believed in Peter, and I still do. He is the reason I relocated from New York City to Atlanta. Throughout our relationship and marriage, my love, commitment, and support has stood strong. I did the best that I could do, and I am good with that. I am disappointed that Peter feels I didn’t believe in him, because it is absolutely not true.”

Yet, as the Inquisitr previously reported, prior to the season beginning, Cynthia did an interview in which she admitted she wasn’t wife material and didn’t make Peter Thomas her first priority.

In her blog, Cynthia Bailey also revealed that Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield aren’t the only housewives on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with homes named after them. Cynthia has christened her new home Lake Bailey. She noted that purchasing Lake Bailey is the first time in a long time that she has done something completely for herself.

“I named my new lake home Lake Bailey. It is my early birthday gift to myself. Lake Bailey is my sanctuary. My peace. This is the first time in a long time that I did something that was a 100% for me. I am in love.”

Kenya for one loves Lake Bailey, especially the view.

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