WWE News: Alexa Bliss Struggles to Maintain Character After Women’s Title Win

Alexa Bliss has developed one of the best characters in the WWE women’s division, regardless of whether it is on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live. She took her great character of the “Wicked Witch of the WWE” and turned it into a championship victory as WWE.com reported that Alexa Bliss won the women’s title at the WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV on Sunday night.

It was clear that this victory meant a lot to Alexa Bliss, as well. She was the first guest on Talking Smack after the WWE TLC PPV went off the air and it was clear that she was bubbling over with emotion. Alexa Bliss openly cried as she spoke about winning the title and showed a humility that went completely against her in-ring persona.

Alexa Bliss spoke about how this was the first main roster WWE event that her parents had attended in person since she was called up from NXT. She talked about how happy she was and how shocked she was that this was actually happening to her. She even said that she hugged her mom and shared tears with her after the match.

It was an incredibly humanizing moment in the career of one of the WWE bad girls in Alexa Bliss. However, after a few moments of being able to share her happiness with the world, it seemed that Alexa Bliss caught herself and tried to snap back into character midway through the interview.

When asked to talk about the great match between her and Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss refused to give Becky any credit at all. She quickly reminded people that, the last time the two fought in a title match, Lynch won in a controversial style while Alexa Bliss had her foot resting under the ropes.

It was a good turnaround to get her WWE character back for the final portion of the segment but it never seemed real anymore. One thing that Talking Smack is good at is making things seem real, even if they are still working in character. The Miz and Daniel Bryan have almost perfected this.

However, with Alexa Bliss, she was so happy and overcome with emotions that she seemed to almost garner some level of happiness from fans, even those who boo her in-ring persona. When Alexa Bliss flipped the switch and tried to recapture her “Wicked Witch of the WWE” persona, it didn’t work because she had already shown too much of her real personality.

Of course, no one can really fault Alexa Bliss for her joy in winning the title. She had every reason to be emotional and happy for her win. However, maybe the WWE should have let Alexa Bliss just revel in the joy and not try to push on with the storyline aspects of the Becky Lynch feud until Tuesday night on SmackDown Live.


The Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch feud is far from over. In a video after Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, a ringside interviewer tried to talk to Becky Lynch, but she was too upset to speak. She did another interview backstage, and WrestleZone reported that she practically begged for a rematch with Alexa Bliss for the women’s title.

That will surely happen, likely at the Royal Rumble PPV in January in San Antonio. This storyline will continue on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night. However, until then, it remains nice to see someone like Alexa Bliss achieve her dreams, even if she is the “Wicked Witch of the WWE.”

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