Kim Richards Teases More Lisa Rinna Drama For ‘RHOBH’ Season 7

Kim Richards is in a good place in her life, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star admits she is not completely immune to the drama on the Bravo reality show that she first signed on to six years ago. According to People, Richards told reporters at the RHOBH Season 7 premiere party that she is focusing on her sobriety and her family these days, but that doesn’t mean her cameos on the upcoming season of the hit reality show left her unscathed.

“I was really busy this season with my home, my daughters, my son and my grandchild,” Kim said of her limited appearances on the upcoming RHOBH season. “My focus was really on my family.”

While she’s not a full-timer on the upcoming Real Housewives season, Kim will appear on the show in a guest role. Still, despite the fact that she won’t appear in every episode, Richards hints that there will be some drama between herself and one castmate in particular.

“I managed to make a little time to get by to say ‘Hi’ to everybody, but I don’t know if I squeezed out leaving out the drama,” Kim said. “It wasn’t my doing, but you know, leave it to the [Lisa] Rinna.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 trailer shows Kim Richards having it out with castmate Lisa Rinna once again. In previous seasons, the two women have regularly butted heads, most notably while on a cast trip to Amsterdam in 2014. Before she was committed to her sobriety, Kim threatened to reveal a terrible secret about Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin. During a volatile Amsterdam dinner outing, Richards taunted Rinna about her “situation at home.”

“Let’s talk about the husband. Let’s not talk about what you don’t want out,” Kim said before Lisa threw a glass of wine at her and told her to never “touch” her husband.

Rinna later took to her Bravo blog to say Kim crossed the line when she brought up her family.

“I am fiercely protective of my marriage and my family and I’ll be damned if I let someone as disturbed as she is create false rumors about my husband,” Rinna wrote at the time. “Kim has met Harry once, one time, And that was the night of the poker party when she had taken one or two or 20 of Monty’s pain pills, so who knows what on earth was going through her mind when she met him.”

In the trailer for the upcoming season of Real Housewives, Richards denies ever saying anything about Hamlin and Rinna calls Richards out for her shoplifting arrest last year.

Lisa Rinna revealed that her relationship with Kim Richards is still “complicated. The bad blood has continued between the two women since their big blowout, but Rinna now says her goal is to “move on and forgive.”

Rinna even admitted that she doesn’t have time for a feud with Richards.

“You know I lost my father this year in January and that changes your life and it really puts everything in perspective and you’re like you know what life’s too short to deal with this petty b*****t,” Rinna told reporters of her beef with Richards. “I don’t have time. I’m raising two teenage girls. I don’t have time for anything other than positivity and love if we can have it.”

Kim Richards told Entertainment Tonight that while her relationship with Rinna continues to be complicated things are great with her sister Kyle.

“I had fun with my sister. We’re in an amazing place this year,” Kim told ET. “I’m loving being a grandma…I have to say, I go to sleep happy, I wake up happy. I get to spend a lot of time with my kids and a lot of time with my grandson.”

Kim Richards was a full-time Real Housewives cast member for five seasons before taking a much-needed break from the show last season to seek treatment for substance abuse and to deal with the aftermath of her shoplifting arrest at a California Target store. Kim also cared for her ailing ex-husband, Monty Brinson, who passed away earlier this year.

You can see Kim Richards and the rest of the cast when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debuts December 6 on Bravo.

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