‘NCIS Los Angeles’ News: Kensi And Deeks ‘Making Little Ninja Assassins’

NCIS: Los Angeles is in the midst of a new season, which actors Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen told fans in July would involve “some really, really great things coming” for the two characters they play on the show: Kensi Bly and Marty Deeks, respectively.

The show’s actors can be seen in a YouTube post discussing the show during shooting for the new eighth season back in July. They revealed a few things that fans may expect in the development of their characters in general.


Asked what’s been going on in their lives with the NCIS: Los Angeles show, Ruah stated they had been busy with shooting Season 8.

“As most of you may have noticed or not, I have a baby in my belly.”

They have tried to hide the pregnancy on the show previously, added Ruah, but she believes that “there are some really, really great things coming for these two characters” stemming from that situation of her own pregnancy.

Olsen added that this situation was obviously “a catalyst” for the writers to change the storyline.

“These two characters go through a lot this season, including a really fantastic engagement, um a proposal,” he told fans this summer.

“It’s a really exciting year for the show, it’s a really exciting year for us. We’re back in action. We’re shooting out in the desert, a hundred and four degrees with helicopters and explosions.”

He added that the NCIS Los Angeles writers were really “killing it.”

Prompted by the revelations from Ruah and Olsen, one fan using the name AgentWashington responded with a humorous remark, which was a line from a previous NCIS Los Angeles episode.

“Kensi and Deeks, making little ninja assassins”

Eric Christian Olsen, Chris O’Donnell, Miguel Ferrer, Daniela Ruah, Linda Hunt, Barrett Foa, L.L. Cool J, and Renee Felice Smith [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]

As fans already know, in the first episode of NCIS LA this season, per the information by iTechPost, the character of Kensi Bly was seen riding in a helicopter which was “hit by terrorists and crashed.” The NCIS special agents were supposed to be in Syria on a special mission.

“Luckily, she survived the crash but when they took her out of the wreckage, she was unconscious. She was immediately shipped back to the U.S. Because of this incident, many viewers thought that she had died.”

Previously, when NCIS Los Angeles first began airing in 2009, a review by IGN noted that “there was quite a bit of technology” being used by the actors in this television series, and it seemed to be drawing a dedicated audience.

“NCIS: Los Angeles doesn’t exactly reinvent the police procedural, but it’s another above-average entry, aided by the fact that the people behind the show know what they’re doing.”

LL Cool J [Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]

According to E! News, Ruah and Olsen’s co-star LL Cool J revealed more praise for the NCIS Los Angeles show writers.

“LL wasn’t saying, but he did reveal that the pregnancy got the creative juices flowing in the writer’s room,” according to the information previously available.

“[Sometimes] you can use those positive life experiences as a way to build on,” the actor revealed. “It gives the writers something to build on and it gives them, actually, inspiration to take the whole season to another level. So, I think it kind of works out for the best.”

As a television drama about the stressful world of this Los Angeles division of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, TV by the Numbers revealed in an article recently that the series has “dipped” slightly with 10.65 million viewers watching by their own count.

Of this news, perhaps the NCIS Los Angeles stars Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah might still take heart and feel good about their work, which millions of fans are appreciating.

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