Donald Trump On Twitter Focuses On ‘SNL’

This weekend continues the battle between Donald Trump and his legion of supporters and the Saturday Night Live team. The latest skit from SNL featured a sarcastic version of Trump who is spending his time retweeting random people on Twitter while delaying the work required of a President. It also featured Mr. Trump taking credit for the accomplishments of the Obama administration, and finishes with a figure depicting Steve Bannon as the Grim Reaper.

Trump spoke of the episode describing it at “Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse” all the while, ironically doing so on Twitter.

Trump continues to face media backlash from his frequent use of Twitter, and he continues to defend the platform as a tool of communication. Recent events have resulted in thousands of people calling upon Twitter to ban Donald Trump from their platform. The excuses range from his possible buying fake followers and engagements to his possible use of hate speech. Twitter told Slashdot that “it would consider banning key government officials, even the president, if its rules against hate speech or other language were violated.”

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Donald Trump would not be the first right-leaning influencer to be permanently banned from the platform. Milo Yiannopoulos, a British journalist and technology editor of Breitbart News, was the most recent target. He was accused of rallying his supporters, most of which also support Trump, in harassing the Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones.

Alec Baldwin, who plays the sarcastic version of Donald Trump on SNL, offered to stop his impersonations of Trump if he releases his tax returns.

Kate McKinnon, who spent the past year on SNL being a sarcastic version of Hillary Clinton, now portrays Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. The recent revitalization of SNL and their frequent headlines in the news will ensure they continue these politically themed skits.

Trump finally tweeted his last response, summarizing his feelings on the subject.

Earlier last week, Trump tweeted about a conversation he had on the phone with the President of Taiwan. He also openly referred to the President of Taiwan as the President of Taiwan. This broke decades of United States diplomacy rules of engagement with China, where the United States has since Reagan agreed that Taiwan is a part of China.

Simultaneously, we know well that Taiwan has its own elected government, passports, and is by all definitions its own country. Due to the sensitive nature of politics and diplomacy, we, as a country, do not publicly acknowledge their statehood, even though we sell them billions in weapons deals each year.

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The media flocked to Trump’s tweet, and some described the move as both dangerous and spontaneous. Simultaneously, they discussed on television the less exciting details of U.S. foreign policy regarding China. Many Americans were not aware of the political maneuvering regarding the statehood of Taiwan, and Trump’s supporters describe the tweet as possible “3D-chess” moves that force the media into discussing policies that are outdated or are policies that Trump plans on fundamentally changing.

UPDATE: Trump is still on Twitter defending both his victory on election day and his official appointment by the electors. In fact, Trump lost two votes from electors, but Hillary Clinton lost seven electors. The reasons behind why will probably remain unknown until they step forward publicly and explain themselves. Either way, it wasn’t nearly enough to change the fact that Trump won and it wasn’t even close. Perhaps in the next election the Democratic National Committee will choose a candidate who isn’t being investigated by the FBI for possible crimes that normal citizens spend decades in jail for committing.

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