WWE News: Goldberg Set To Appear In The First ‘Raw’ Of 2017

Ever since his return to the ring, Goldberg has caused a huge stir in the WWE. And the latest WWE news reports suggest that the company is going to continue promoting this wrestling legend for as long as the audiences want him, as evidenced by the fact that he’ll be featured in the first Raw of 2017.

That’s the word according to Wrestling News World, whose latest WWE news report confirms that, in addition to Goldberg being booked for the Royal Rumble, Goldberg will be one of the featured superstars at the first Raw event of 2017, scheduled to take place at the AMALIE Arena in Tampa, Florida.

“Once again, AMALIE Arena will host the greatest Superstars in sports entertainment. WWE Superstars scheduled to appear include GOLDBERG®, United States Champion Roman Reigns®, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens®, Seth Rollins®, Chris Jericho®, RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon®, RAW General Manager Mick Foley®, RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day®, Charlotte®, Braun Strowman®, Rusev®, RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks®, Cesaro®, Sami Zayn®, Sheamus®, Enzo & Cass®, and more! Tickets start at just $20!”

The first Raw of 2017 will take place on January 2, 2017.

Meanwhile, the latest WWE news report from Cageside Seats suggests that there’s at least one person who isn’t happy with Goldberg’s return to the ring: John Cena.

As has been previously reported, Cena is only working with the WWE part-time, for now, while he films the next season of the hit TV show, American Grit. And while this suits Cena — and the other superstars — just fine, Cena also feels that the company should give him a bit more of a heads up when it comes to the bookings.

Cageside Seats put it best when they claimed that there was “friendly tension” between Cena and Goldberg — while the two superstars don’t have anything against each other, personally, there seems to be a bit of tension over outside deals and big-money bookings. Cena, in particular, feels that he is entitled to these big-money deals with the WWE before Goldberg is, because he has consistently remained with the company for more than a decade.

But the most interesting thing about Goldberg’s return is this: where, really, does he go from here? Who will he have a rivalry with? What is there left to prove?

These are all questions that Wrestlezone attempts to answer in their latest WWE news report. After Goldberg felled Brock “The Beast” Lesnar in just under two minutes, there was nothing, really, left for him to prove. He doesn’t have any outstanding rivalries or scores to settle, and his bookings, while inspired, do nothing to further a story line.

Ultimately, then, Goldberg’s return to the ring is nothing more than a bit of nostalgia for old-time wrestling fans. And now, with the rumors that Turner Broadcasting is heading back into the wrestling arena, Goldberg’s return could prove to be a welcome standard-bearer.

Still, it bears noting that no less of a legend than Ric Flair thinks that Goldberg should win the Royal Rumble this year. But will Flair’s prediction turn out to be accurate? And if, indeed, Goldberg does win the Royal Rumble, will it be on the strength of his fighting prowess, or out of some misplaced sense of nostalgia?

What do you think of these latest WWE news reports? Do you believe Goldberg will win the Royal Rumble, and what’s next for him afterward?

Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE news reports in the comments below.

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