Kim Kardashian Is Not Staying With Kanye West After Release From Hospital

Kim Kardashian is reportedly not living in the same house as her husband Kanye West, who was recently discharged from UCLA Medical center after being hospitalized for more than a week.

Kim and Kanye have been living separately according to sources familiar with the story. West was released from hospital about a week ago after being admitted at the UCLA Medical Center for nine days. Reports claim that Mr. West did not go to the same house where Kim and their children North and Saint West were staying after his release. West had been admitted to the health center after suffering from a mental breakdown.

Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, had been by his side since she learned that he had been hospitalized, and she supported him throughout the entire ordeal. Reports claim that the hip-hop producer has been living separately from his family as per Kim’s request.

“Kim is being very protective and doesn’t want Kanye around the kids right now,” an insider revealed.

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The source also claims that despite living under separate roofs since Kanye was released from hospital, Kim has tried her best to make sure that he supports her husband. She still loves him and is determined to make sure that he makes a full recovery.

“There are frustrations and problems, like any relationship, but they love each other deeply,” the source added.

A different source has disputed these claims and instead reported that Kim and Kanye have been staying in the same house. The source also claims that Kanye’s erratic behavior has remained a constant source of worry for Kim. The report further adds that West’s behavior had a huge negative impact on his marriage with Kim. It is not clear which side of the story is true, but it is undoubtedly clear that Kim was very worried about Kanye while he was in the hospital. She is thus relieved that her husband is now getting the help that he needs.

Another report on the matter indicates that West’s meltdowns, while he was performing at his concerts, were because he stopped taking his meds as had been prescribed. It states that the hip-hop artist was for a long time taking medication that helped him control his psychological issues. However, reports about his recent hospitalization stated that Kanye was suffering from temporary psychosis, brought about by dehydration and sleep deprivation.

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Kanye is said to have left the hospital under the care of his physician Dr. Michael Farzam and his wife Kim. Dr. Farzam is said to have advised Mr. West to check himself into the hospital after discovering that his health was deteriorating. Kanye’s condition is thought to have come about due to overexertion during his “Saint Pablo Tour.” His stepbrother, Hal Carmichael, claims that Kim’s recent robbery in Paris had a significant impact in West’s mental breakdown. Carmichael stated that his brother felt betrayed, depressed and hurt.

Kanye’s breakdown also happened around the same time as the anniversary of his mother’s death and this is thought to be one of the things that led to a buildup of psychological pressure. Kim has been known to be very protective of her children. North and Saint never visited their father during his short stay at the hospital because Kim was afraid of how West would react in their presence. The same theory has been presented to explain why West has been reported to be living separately from them since his release from the hospital.

Fortunately for the children, they got to see their dad on the same day he was released from the hospital because Kim threw a huge party for Kanye and Saint’s first birthday amid rumors of them living separately.

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