Nadya Suleman Shows Off New, Clean Home She Got After Making Adult Film

Nadya Suleman’s last house was reported to be a bit messy, but the mom of 14 (including her famous octuplets) has moved yet again, showing off her new digs on the internet for all to see.

Nadya Suleman’s new house is one of many she’s lived in since the controversial arrival of the octuplets brought her brood to more than a dozen. In the beginning, Suleman leaned on her parents for housing despite her habit of adding to her massive brood with expensive fertility treatments.

Suleman was raked over the coals on the internet recently for the squalor in which she has allegedly lived, but her new house in California is huge and renovated, offering a pleasant space for her 14 kids to run around in and hopefully not destroy. (Those of us with one or two kids know the destruction a single small child can visit upon a house, and the carnage that fourteen of them could create defies imagining.)

Octo did a video tour of the home for RumorFix and shows off the spacious home, which appears immaculate and quiet. As you may recall, Nadya Suleman’s hairdresser secretly snapped pics of her last place, showing a bit of chaos including walls covered in scribbles.

Suleman gushes in the clip about the bunk beds she’s purchased to eliminate mattresses on the floor:

“No more mattresses on the floor. All the boys, six boys of the eight have their own beds — bunk beds … I’ve chosen to keep the plastic on in case of an accident. I’ve potty-trained all of them before three.”

Nadya also admits she’s banned crayons and markers from the new place.

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