WWE ‘TLC’ 2016 Results: AJ Styles Retains Title, What’s Next For The Phenomenal One?

Everyone involved in last night’s SmackDown exclusive pay-per-view event played their part to perfection, but one of the most talked about WWE TLC 2016 results involved none other than The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. Of course, the champion retained his title, but the question begs itself, what’s next for the WWE superstar?

According to a Forbes’ report about the WWE TLC 2016 results, while it was pretty predictable to watch AJ Styles beat Dean Ambrose to retain his title, it was also quite satisfying. And while we won’t see these fighters again in a brand-exclusive event until the 2017 Royal Rumble, the preparations for Wrestlemania are also under way.

So now that AJ Styles has his title, the next stop for him is, according to them, facing off against The Undertaker either at the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania because, simply put, he has no one else to face off against.

“Styles’ successful title defense over Ambrose should be the end of that rivalry and the start of a new one. There is a lack of options when it comes to top babyfaces for Styles to feud with because John Cena is gone, Randy Orton is working in a tag team and Dolph Ziggler is currently positioned as a midcarder. That essentially leaves The Undertaker as one of the few realistic possibilities for Styles’ Royal Rumble opponent and perhaps the best one.”

Meanwhile, according to the Mirror’s report about the WWE TLC 2016 results, the only reason why Dean Ambrose lost the title card match to The Phenomenal One was, of course, because he was betrayed by James Ellsworth (whom the WWE is desperately trying to make happen, and it just isn’t working).

The betrayal happened as Ellsworth tried to distract a furious AJ Styles from beating Dean Ambrose, thus giving the latter a chance to hit the former with the Dirty Deeds.

And it looked like, at this point, that Dean Ambrose was going to take the match.

But that’s when the tables turned. Ellsworth shoved Ambrose off a ladder and onto a table when Ambrose tried to grab the title belt.

That’s when Ellsworth told SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan that he would be next to face off against Styles (and beat him) because he “has his number.”

While this title match seems to be a bit of a ways off for Ellsworth, you can’t blame the boy for trying.

Finally, Bleacher Report‘s story about the WWE TLC 2016 results suggests that the audience in attendance want a lot of answers from Ellsworth as a result of this betrayal, which also suggests that WWE creative will make him turn heel.

And even though Styles ripped his tights midway through the match (giving the ladies in the audience a different type of show), he certainly was desperate to put on a show for the fans. Fortunately, he did a, well, phenomenal job in doing so, as the live-tweeting from the event from different wrestling commentators and fans suggested.

The question remains, will we know, once and for all, why Ellsworth turned on Ambrose, especially when Ambrose has been so supportive of Ellsworth’s career? Bleacher Report suggests that we will find out the answer during this week’s episode of SmackDown, and more specifically, during Talking Smack.

What do you think of these WWE TLC 2016 results? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE TLC 2016 results in the comments below.

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