PTG K-Pop Comeback: Pentagon Takes On The 'Mannequin Challenge' To Promote Title Track Song 'Five Senses' [Video]

Pentagon (also known as PTG) is the newest K-pop act signed with Cube Entertainment, and they have been really busy as of late. The boy band consisting of Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, E'Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok released their debut album, a self-titled EP or mini-album. It peaked at No. 7 on the Korean chart and they were able to push almost 8,000 copies. Their title track, titled "Gorilla," peaked at No. 236.

Pentagon just dropped just two months ago on October 10. At this time, they should be promoting their debut a bit more on radio and variety shows. Instead, Pentagon is kicking it up a notch and following the same promotional direction as Black Pink did with their first K-pop comeback just two months after their debut with their second EP, Five Senses. Right now, Pentagon is hitting the K-pop community with teasers for its upcoming release and it looks as if the latest teaser takes into regard a current trend making its rounds on social media, the "Mannequin Challenge." Pentagon just teased their title track "Five Senses" by taking on the "Mannequin Challenge."

Utilizing the promotions schedule Pentagon provided on their official Twitter account, the "Mannequin Challenge" was apparently an added feature for their audio snippet of "Five Senses." In the video attached above, fans not only hear a snippet of "Five Senses," but they also get snippets of choreography from the music video and music competition variety shows, as reported by AllKpop. Fans can see that Pentagon did have some fun with the "Mannequin Challenge" themselves, as certain members wear articles of clothing that would work in a viral video more than being a part of the choreography of the song, or a prop in the music video. The shark mask and toy angry eyes glasses come to mind.
Other teasers already released include individual portraits of each member, group teaser images, and a track list. Not that long ago, a teaser of the music video for "Five Senses" was uploaded. All that is left to release is the mini-concert. Besides that, Pentagon and Cube Entertainment are right on track in releasing Five Senses to K-pop fans.

As for why Pentagon is doing so much in such a short amount of time, we can say it is so they can stay competitive against both new and established K-pop acts. Black Pink is doing it, so why not Pentagon? Unfortunately, that may not be the primary case for Pentagon. This has been one of the worst years for Cube Entertainment. Back in April, their leading K-pop girl group, 4minute, performed their last featured title track "Hate" before they disbanded. Just recently, their leading K-pop boy band, Beast (also known as B2ST), left Cube Entertainment to start their own independent label. Needless to say, but the absence of the two K-pop acts caused a huge weight to be placed the shoulders of Cube Entertainment's remaining K-pop acts. With BtoB busy with touring, and CLC not being truly recognized in the business as of yet, that leaves Pentagon to "save everything."

Pentagon made their debut with a self-titled EP or mini-album. They are following up with their second EP or mini-album titled "Five Senses." It is possible Cube Entertainment is pushing them to fill the void left behind when B2ST left. [Image by Cube Entertainment]

Pentagon's second EP, or mini-album, Five Senses will release this coming Wednesday, December 7, and it will feature the title track song "Five Senses." For those who want to get a feel for Pentagon's music and what they bring to K-pop, their self-titled debut EP can be purchased on YesAsia.

[Featured Image by Cube Entertainment]