Miley Cyrus Refusing To Share Liam Hemsworth Wedding Date Amid False Nuptial Reports [Rumor]

Is Miley Cyrus still getting married to Liam Hemsworth?

Recent reports concerning the couple’s marriage plans have alluded to the idea that tying the knot is no longer something neither Miley nor Liam are putting much thought into, especially when considering their hectic schedules between one another.

Earlier this year, when their engagement was first announced, sources close to the couple alleged that Miley Cyrus was hoping to marry her on-again, off-again fiance over the summer, but those plans fell through when she was offered the mentoring role on NBC’s The Voice.

The couple’s supposed decision to delay their nuptials has once again begged the question of whether they are ever going to get married. Hollywood Life, however, assures fans that there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to Miley Cyrus’ relationship with Hemsworth.

According to an insider, Miley and Liam are taking their time figuring out when they will both have the time to plan a wedding together. Cyrus hasn’t gotten cold feet, as some tabloids have stated in recent weeks — she’s still engaged, and a wedding is still in the works. At this given point, however, both Miley and Liam are no longer pressuring themselves to get married.

“The wedding isn’t off, Miley just wants to keep it totally under wraps,” a source tells the outlet, making it known that there might already be a new wedding date in place — one which Cyrus does not plan on sharing to the world with.

“She’s usually really open but this is one thing she’s being secretive about, she doesn’t want any of the details getting out. She’s sworn her family to secrecy, they’ve all made a pact not to say anything to help her protect their privacy.”

Earlier this year, just weeks after the couple reconciled following their two-year hiatus, multiple sources close to Miley Cyrus alleged that the singer was taking a new approach as far as her relationship with Liam was concerned.

The twosome infamously broke up in 2013 over endless arguments regarding Cyrus’ raunchy style in the midst of promoting her album Bangerz. It was alleged at the time that Liam wasn’t willing to put up with the new image Miley had presented to her fans because it wasn’t the woman he fell in love with.

Now that Miley Cyrus and Liam are back together, the 24-year-old has completely switched up her style to be anything but daring and controversial. The singer, who considered 2013 as one of her most exciting years, seemed to have come to an agreement with Hemsworth that she’d ditch the publicity stunts in the hopes of being given one last chance with the hunky actor.

Back in February, Pop Sugar confirmed that Miley Cyrus had purchased a multi-million dollar home in Malibu, very close to the home where Liam resides. While they are not living together, the former Hannah Montana star and her fiance have been inseparable since their reunion.

But, similar to their wedding planning situation, Miley Cyrus and Liam see no rush in sharing a roof together when they are already happy living the way that they have for the past year, giving the impression that they’ll marry when they both feel the time is right for them.

What do you make of Miley Cyrus being so secretive about her wedding plans?

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