GameStop Kids Stores Launching In Time For Holiday Shopping

Video game retail giant GameStop has announced plans to launch 80 new stores geared towards children. According to the company the stores will launch by November 15, providing plenty of time for parents to complete their holiday shopping.

The first store is already open in Grapevine Mills Mall in Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas.

Gamestop is gearing the stores towards children by only providing parents with the option of purchasing “E-Rated” games. The “E” rating stands for “everyone” as in family friendly.

GameStop currently operates nearly 4,400 retail stores its new locations are specifically being opened in and near malls. GameStop chose its new locations in order to bring in customers from “highly-trafficked” locations during the holiday shopping season.

Besides games GameStop will also sell accessories and toys such as two-foot tall game characters and various game-themed backpacks.

According to GameStop CEO Paul Raines:

“This is really a way for us to take share away from people who are in the toy business and have an expanded assortment.”

The stores were developed with the help of customer feedback via the PowerUp Rewards program offered by the game retailer.

While the future of GameStop Kids stores is hard to predict, it is likely that at least some locations will remain open if they prove to be successful over the holiday shopping season.

The name “Kids” in the stores name could lure in parents, the real question over the long-term though is whether it can also lure in kids.

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