Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Reconcile: Why ‘KUWTK’ Family Is Accepting Couple’s Reunion

Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t received much slack from her family members now that she has made it official that she’s back with Scott Disick.

According to reports, the entire Kardashian family has been fully supportive of Kourtney’s decision to reconcile with Scott in the hopes that they can finally move forward and have the happy ending fairytale that the mother-of-three has been hoping for.

Kourtney Kardashian famously dumped Disick last summer, when photos of the socialite kissing another woman surfaced online. The reality star was left distraught by the images — so much that she didn’t hesitate to kick Scott out of their shared home, before letting him know that their relationship was over.

Scott heavily blamed the death of his parents for his sudden meltdown. He openly admitted to dealing with substance abuse and somewhat became an alcoholic, as revealed by Us Weekly, which was something he desperately wanted to get help for, so he checked into a rehab facility.

Since then, Scott is said to have made a tremendous turnaround. Not only is he a better father to his children, he has also been someone Kourtney can finally stand being around again. She’s seen the efforts he’s made to get his life together, which has only convinced her that getting back with Disick wouldn’t be such a bad move after all.

Hollywood Life stresses that Kourtney’s siblings, Kim and Khloe, weren’t too fond of the idea at first. Having seen how irrational Scott has behaved in recent years, they simply didn’t want to see Kourtney getting hurt again — especially since she has three children to raise, kids who don’t want to see mommy upset over something their father did.

It was a topic that left many people in the Kardashian household unsettled, but seeing how well Scott Disick has behaved in recent months, they can see the huge change he’s made in his life — and not to mention the tremendous effort to prove himself to Kourtney Kardashian again.

“When Kourtney and Scott first started hanging out again, Kim and Khloe were not having it, but then Kourtney pled her case: This time around it’s different,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “Before Scott was almost like an addiction she kept going back to and she was thinking with her heart and not her head. Now she’s had a few months off to see things clearly.”

“Scott has been laying off the booze, showing up as a father, and has really grown up. This is by no means a compulsive decision on Kourtney’s part. That, coupled with the fact that the kids are always asking when ‘daddy is coming home’ have Kim and Khloe on board.”

Earlier this year, during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott opened up to Kourtney Kardashian and her siblings, admitting that life has been difficult for him since the 37-year-old ended their 10-year relationship.

Disick stressed that he would do anything to try and make things work with Kourtney again, having realized how lonely life has become without his girlfriend and their three children by his side every day.

Scott’s decision to get his life together in order to potentially land another shot with Kourtney seems to have worked. But, as the source already mentions, Scott is fully aware that if he messes it up this time around, there’s no coming back.

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