Meat Loaf Butchers ‘America The Beautiful’ During Mitt Romney Endorsement Appearance

Meat Loaf sounded like something out of hell when he sang “America The Beautiful” during a Mitt Romney endorsement appearance, but it wasn’t a bat.

Standing on stage with Mitt Romney, the famed singer decided the song needed a bit more pizzazz, and then he proceeded to completely miss the mark.

Meat Loaf decided “America The Beautiful”needed a bit of improv shouting and yelling.

The best part of Meat Loaf’s off the rails performance might be the look in Mitt Romney’s face. You know none of Mitt’s billionaire friends would pull this type of stunt.

The train wreck of a performance happened at a stop in Defiance, Ohio when Romney was speaking to a large crowd of 12,000 people in the high school football stadium.

Ending his three-city tour in Ohio with the very same song he failed to knock out of the park months earlier probably was not exactly what Mitt Romney was expecting from Meat Loaf.

On a more positive note, Roseanne Barr can no longer claim to be the worst singer of an American classic. Sure, her rendition of the national anthem was awful, but she’s not the formerly talented rock singer with millions of albums sold to her name.

Here’s the video:

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Personally I think the type of “creative freedom” Meat Loaf used was a bit disrespectful, but I also can’t help but laugh at the reaction from the very man he was there to endorse.

Do you like Meat Loaf’s new rendition of “America The Beautiful”?

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