‘Treehouse Masters’ Star Pete Nelson Visits Swedish Treehotel For International Show

Hard to believe, but this past summer the renowned treehotel in Northern Sweden already turned six-years-old. What started out as a creative experiment inspired by an independent Swedish film, has now turned into the fantastical hotel that dreamers and treehouse enthusiasts have flocked to from all over the world. So, it should be no surprise that Pete Nelson from Treehouse Masters has decided to go to the mecca of treehouses in Northern Sweden.

Nelson, the host of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, is currently filming his show called Treehouse Masters International. On Treeshouse Masters, Nelson builds exclusive custom-made treehouses. In his Treehouse International series, Nelson travels to see treehouses built all over the world built by others.

Recently, Nelson paid an overdue visit to Sweden for a show on treehouses in Scandinavia. Obviously, he wanted to visit the world famous, innovative treehotel that has attracted a great deal of media attention, as well as some of the most famous visitors in the world.


Who are some of these celebrities? As the treehotel will only reveal the names of guests have given them permission to do so, they have hosted such exclusive visitors as Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles, Supermodel Kate Moss, along with her family, and Princess Victoria of Sweden. Actor Bill Murray made his own visit public by tweeting his approval of his enchanting visit. Most recently Frodo, Elijah Wood survived -30 fahrenheit below zero temperatures to enjoy the remarkable hotel in the trees and posed with co-owner Britta Lindvall.

In the past few years, Oprah’s magazine O listed the treehotel at the top of her favorite things. Two years ago, Vogue featured a gorgeous fashion shoot with Supermodel and Taylor Swift BFF, Karlee Kloss frolicking around the treehotel, and even fishing in the nearby river. Even Playboy magazine had celebrated the marvel of the treehotel.

On his recent visit to the treehotel, the owner of Nelson Treehouse And Supply was taken to the organic Bird’s Nest treeroom by the actual architect of the room, Bertil Harstrom. The folks at the hotel filmed Nelson’s amazed reaction at seeing this creative marvel. The affable Nelson was ecstatic at the wonders of this incredibly inventive treeroom.


The Bird’s Nest treeroom looks like a prehistoric nest, where a gigantic bird would live. The windows are even covered in the nest bramble! The nest looks so authentic, nestled in the midst of the trees and hidden in the natural forest, just like a real bird’s nest. No wonder Pete Nelson was in awe!

The new, still unnamed “seventh room” has recently been built and set up into the trees. This new room will become available to book in mid-January. Under the building of the treeroom is a life-sized photo of the trees in the forest, creating a sort of camouflage. The two-bedroom roomy treeroom can accommodate up to five people, because of the added sofa bed, making this room choice great for families.


What is marvelous about this treeroom is the patio in the trees. Made of netting, guests can sit outside and gaze at the Northern Lights between August and March and embrace the Midnight Sun in the summer months.

While the original intention of the owners of treehotel was to add many more “treerooms,” yet their clients asked the couple to keep the hotel from expanding. Owners Kent and Britta Lindvall have limited the amount of rooms just to seven, to keep that cozy and exclusive feel to the hotel. This seventh room is the last room they plan on adding.


The new Treehouse Masters International episode in Sweden and Norway will be airing on Animal Planet in the states in January and the rest of the world in February.

Like Pete Nelson and others since then, treehouse lovers and childlike dreamers have flocked to this remarkable Swedish hotel to visit and stay at the enchanting and whimsical treerooms at the treehotel.

Are you a fan of treehouses? Ever dream of staying in a treehotel?

[Featured Image by Georgia Makitalo/Georgia Makitalo Designs]

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